2 Year Blogaversary!


I seriously can’t believe it’s been two years since I started my blog. I feel like it was just a few months ago, but I guess that shows you how fast time flies by.

I have learned so much since I first started blogging, and to be honest, I definitely thought I would be in a different place than I am today.

I thought for sure that within two years I would be a full-time blogger making millionssssss!


No honey.

But, I am actually okay with that. I really do believe that when it is my time, it will happen. I am here to stay, so you all better get used to it haha.


For this post, I thought it might be fun to blow up some blogger myths for you all! These are things I thought were true when starting, and have since learned otherwise….some of them, definitely learning the heard way haha.

Myth 1: I will be a full-time blogger in 6 months and make at least 100K/year

Reality 1: I don’t know where I got this idea in my head, but I honestly thought it would be true. I had heard of a local blogger and how she was making over a million dollars blogging, so I thought for sure I would get there in no time. Psh. Please. Haha. It takes “majority” of bloggers a few years to begin making an income off of their blog.

Myth 2: Being a blogger is easy (“What, like’s its hard?” – Elle Woods)

Reality 2: Blogging is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I think that is honestly why I love it so much though. It has an extremely steep learning curve and there new things I discover about it everyday.

Myth 3: Photoshoots are SO glamorous

Reality 3: I change in my car, am typically freezing cold or sweating, and have flashed my fair share of men and women.

Myth 4: Working full time and running a blog makes total sense

Reality 4: Think of working your normal full-time hours (8:30am-5pm), then spending the rest of your time working on your blog. This means getting up in the morning to work on it, working on it late into the evenings, and absolutely working on it during the weekends.

Myth 5: I will make so much money on Like to Know It!

Reality 5: I worked SO hard to get accepted to LTK. Like, I was obsessed. Now, that I am in it, it is one of my most hated tasks because it is super time consuming to use. I have made some money off of it, but without a large following, that can be super difficult

Myth 6: Blogging won’t be expensive at all

Reality 6: I spend over $500/month on my blog out of my own pocket. This money is used for professional photos, clothes, maintaining my website, outsourcing, ads, giveaways, etc.

Myth 7: Blogger’s lives are perfect

Reality 7: Bloggers spend a lot of time curating perfection because when push comes to shove, that is what people have enjoyed seeing. Many will claim to enjoy real and authenticity, but numbers don’t lie. You have to pick and choose where to present your realness and even this can be very curated. Instagram is not reality and bloggers are normal people. Being a blogger is stressful and your mental health can take a huge hit if you aren’t careful. The reality is that a blog and it’s associate social media are all extensions of the brand. It is branding just like anything else.

Myth 8: Other bloggers will help you.

Reality 8: For some reason I found it really difficult to get help from other bloggers. It was like they didn’t want to release their “secrets.” As a result, I turned to podcasts, books, and trial and error to teach me.

Myth 9: You think you know bloggers

Reality 9: You know about the blogger what they want you to know.

Myth 10: Being a blogger isn’t a real job.

Reality 10: It may not used to be, but it is now.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little myth buster! Let me know if there are any other assumptions out there I can help to squash!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, some of my favorite photos throughout these past two years!





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