2019 Simple Mothers’ Day Ideas

Hello Hello sweet babes! I know it has been a while since I’ve posted. I don’t know what it is…combo of life, writer’s block, and a lot of questions…regardless…I am coming at you with the most important post of the week: Mother’s Day Ideas!

Do you really know how much your mother has done and continues to do for you? Maybe she watches your kids, maybe she picks up after your kid leaves her house, maybe she gives you half of her Costco load, or better yet maybe she does none of this and just loves you the best way she knows how? That is all it takes.

Some of you may have the best relationship ever with your mom, while others not so much. Maybe you only talk once a week, or maybe even less…or you could be like me and average AT LEAST once a day (sometimes its more…what can I say, she is one my best friends). Regardless, your mom has done a lot for you. She kissed your booboos when you fell, she bought you the exact dress you wanted for that dance back in high school even though you both knew it was too much. She sang you happy birthday, she made you dinner, or maybe the best your momma could do was work. Work to provide in the only way she knew how because she was a single parent and was literally trying to keep her head above water.

No matter what though, she is your momma. She felt you squirming in her belly, she cried when she held you the first time, she watched you sleep in her arms…she wondered how she brought this living, breathing thing into the world and Lord knows it wasn’t easy getting to this point.

That is why they created Mother’s Day. To thank women who allow life to continue on. Because think about it, without women, there would be no children. There would be less love, less compassion, less empathy, less knowledge, and less happiness.

A day to celebrate the biggest heros. The biggest inspirations. The women who make you wonder how in the world they look that put together with KIDS, when you can barely pull it together with your cat (#me).

For me, there are a lot of moms in my life. I have my actual mom, but then there is my mom’s mom who is basically a mom, and then there is my husband’s mom, and my husband’s granny, and then there are my sisters who mother me everyday! Let’s just say, this isn’t the cheapest holiday for me, but it is one of the most important ones and I truly relish in getting the opportunity to spoil those that deserve it most, which is why I decided to write this blog post to cover some great and simple ways to give back to the mommas in your life…

  1. Flowers – All women love flowers or plants. They are pretty and not something you get everyday, so they make you feel extra special.
  2. Gift basket – I love this one if have a little more to spend. You can include some of their favorite things, or make it a pampering basket, or just get them a whole bunch of fun goodies.
  3. Take them out to lunch – simple. Just spend TIME with them. Phones away. It is time to really connect and let them know how much they mean to you.
  4. Spa Day – this is on the pricier side, but take them to the spa where they can get a massage or facial. You could go with them and join in on the fun, or get them a gift card. If you are looking for something a little cheaper, a manicure or pedicure is always a good option too. Remember, mommas don’t take enough time for themselves, and sometimes you need to force them to give themselves a little bit of self love.
  5. A piece of pretty jewelry – Tiffany’s is ALWAYS a good idea, but I also saw these necklaces and fell in love immediately.
  6. Throw a little brunch – have a lot of mommas you are looking to celebrate? Throw them a brunch. You could make sandwiches, get bagels and doughnuts, and drink coffee and mimosas. It doesn’t need to be crazy, but just something to say thank you!
  7. Block off time – Maybe this year is a little bit more tight on money, don’t worry, I got you covered still. As I mentioned before, sometimes all your momma wants is a little time with you, which is why all you need to do is block off a little bit of time for her. Tell her you want Saturday morning and start by picking her up, stopping at your favorite coffee or tea place, then head to the beach or a trail, or the mall, and just spend the morning chatting and catching up. It is easy and will cost you $20 if you throw in a pastry!
  8. Offer to babysit – Here is another FREE way of helping the mommas out there. Watch their kids for an afternoon or evening so they can go on a date night with the hubs or run errands. Sometimes all they need is a little alone time and by watching their kids you are giving them something that money can’t buy – TIME ALONE.
  9. Gift card – sometimes all your momma needs is a little reminder that it is okay to spend on themselves. Or maybe you can get them a gift card somewhere they might not splurge on themselves for. I think of a restaurant, coffee shop, favorite clothing stores, or maybe they could even use a little spoiling by getting a gift card to get their makeup done and hair blown out!

These are just a few ideas, but I always try to remind myself of what mommas might need most, and that is a little extra love and time. There primary focus is always on everyone else and sometimes by doing that, they are too exhausted and overwhelmed to even think about themselves. I think all mommas want is a thank you, some acknowledgement, and a little self care so that they can get back to doing what they do best – loving on everyone else.





  1. Andrea
    May 9, 2019 / 3:15 pm

    Great ideas!

    • thechicdelight
      May 9, 2019 / 3:28 pm

      Thank you so much! ❤️

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