7 HEALTHY Three Ingredient Meals


Hi hi sweet friends! Today, I would bring it back to your taste buds because it has been a hot minute since I’ve covered something other than fashion! In fact, I am not even really sure what the last one is. That’s crazy. Well, no worries, because here I am bringing it to you.

Every since John and I bought our house dinners have been a little crazy. As a result, I am always looking easy meals I can make that are fairly healthy, won’t break the bank,

  1. Banza pasta, lean ground beef, red sauce – super easy for pasta night and when you are eating chickpea noodles you don’t feel nearly as guilty!
  2. Spaghetti squash, turkey meatballs, red sauce – I put all three ingredients in a crockpot while I’m at work and they are ready to be eaten by the time I get home that evening
  3. Grilled or sautéed chicken (we either buy ours seasoned already or season it ourselves), steamed broccoli and brown rice
  4. Chicken breasts and verde salsa – this one is a little bit different in that all you need to do is combine the chicken breasts with the salsa verde in the crockpot while you are at work and then shred it when you get home. You could place it over a bed of rice, make it into a salad, tostadas, burritos, tacos, pair it with a veggie of your choice, etc. So depending upon how you serve it, it might be more than three or you can consider it two haha.
  5. Grilled filets with brussell sprouts and baked sweet potatoes – one of our favorite meals!
  6. Salmon filet with asparagus and quinoa
  7. Frozen turkey burger from Trader Joes (I do no bun), with sweet potato fries, and some baked broccoli. So good!

I hope you try these recipes out, and I can’t wait to hear if they help you with your weekly menu. If you are still needing some ideas I have a few other blog posts, I will link here and here in which you can get a month worth of menu guides! That is two months worth of ideas, right there haha. Happy Hump Day babes!




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