Girl on a Budget: April

Happy Wednesday sweet babes! I am currently writing this on the plan to California and I couldn’t be more excited for the trip ahead. I have lots of fun things planned, but most importantly is seeing two of my nieces get baptized. If you have been following along for a while, you are probably aware of how important my family is, BUT if you are new here (first of all WELCOME), you might not quite realize just how special they are to me.

I am the baby of four girls, all of whom are married and all of whom have children, except for myself and John! All of my immediate family lives in California, which is why I am constantly hauling myself across the country to spread squeezes around. I have to be honest, if it weren’t for my amazing husband allowing me to fly back all the time, living across the country from four of my best friends (sisters and mom, and can’t forget grandma…and really can’t forget my non-blood related sisters….how many is that now? Anyways…I digress) would be a hundred times more difficult for EVERYONE involved, but especially my husband haha. So, I typically go back every couple of months or so.

It is always a whirlwind when I go home, but to be honest, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I see family and friends, eat at my favorite restaurants, typically get my haircut because I have been going to my hairdresser for like 10 years and why not, hike, shop at my favorite mall (shoutout to the Thousand Oaks Mall), and so many more things. I jam pack every hour, but that’s exactly how I like to do it (even though I complain haha).

BUT, today we aren’t talking about California! Today, we are rounding up my April purchases all for a budget of $250.

Now, this is where the newbies may need an additional update – every month I round up what I bought for the month using my allotted shopping budget. Trust me, I am highly aware that this budget isn’t going to be doable for everyone, but I am a shopaholic and this was what John and I agreed upon. If you would like help setting up your own budget, head to this post:

How to Create a Budget

And, if you would like to see a few of my previous budget buys, here are February and March’s:

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With that, let’s dive right in!!

Okay, so as you all know we just bought a house and so many of you have messaged me wanting to see more, find out how we are decorating things, what we are buying, etc. Fear not, because a first ever House post (with recent purchases) will be coming! Today, however,  I am going to keep this post to my normal shopping because sadly, on top of house purchases I am still guilty of buying some goodies for myself. In my defense though, I did buy a lot of this at the end of the month soooooo isn’t it qualified for March?? Hahaha, whatever!

Starting Balance: $250

1.One thing I have been wanting to get my hands on for quite some time now has been the Tula products. I, like so many of you, follow bloggers. I look up to them, I want to be there friend (is that creepy? Whatever, #truth), actually am friends with them, have met them, etc., and as a consumer, I am always curious as to what is legitimate, what is sponsored, and what is both. It is not unknown that many of the larger bloggers promote Tula products. Given they receive discount codes (and as a being a blogger myself), I am aware that the brand has gifted them or provided them cheaply to the influencer in return for exposure. However, many of the girls who do promote have beautiful skin and so I decided why not test them out myself. Really, get the low down and see if I like the products personally. So, this month, I decided to purchase a few of their products and get the inside scoop the best way I know (human guinea pig anyone?), try them out. As a result, you can feel safe to know I am in no way linked to this brand and have not worked with them whatsoever. I truly just wanted to know. And in typical Melissa fashion, I will be sure to provide you with a full report once I have gotten a good feel for the products. I ordered their Day and Night Cream, $52 and their Aqua Infusion Power Liquid, $58.

Current Balance: $140

2. Okay, next up is the Sweet Spring Romper, $39.99 by Ivy and Leo! I seriously couldn’t resist and the price point is total perfection. I loved the colors and feel like you could easily style this casually for hanging out with friends, or dress it up for an event you have coming up. I think the stripes are super flattering and I love that it has pockets! If you purchase from this boutique online, be sure to use my discount code “TheChicDelight15” for 15% off your order! That brings the price of this baby down to less than $35.

Current Balance: $100

3. Third, we have this month’s book for TCD Book Club! I was so excited when you all decided that this was something you wanted and so far I am LOVING this month’s choice, Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis, $19.59. I will definitely be keeping this as a permanent happening for The Chic Delight Community and will always be sure you all get a say on the book for the month. I have sooooo many options and I can’t wait to see what book you all choose for May!

Current Balance: $80

4. Okay, so the last thing I purchased was a basic black jumpsuit. I wanted something easy that I could throw one, run errands in, meet up with friends, etc. It didn’t need to be anything too fancy and I really just wanted to be comfortable. What I love about this one is that it is probably TOO comfortable. Not to mention, for my 5’10” frame, the length is pretty spot on! Becca Breezy Basics Jumpsuit, $78

Ending Balance: ~$0

I hope you all enjoyed this month’s version of “Girl on a Budget.” I always love hearing your feedback and feel free to leave a comment below with anything else you might want to see!




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