Stripes for Spring

Happy Wednesday dear friends! I know you normally get my posts in the mornings, but I am a bit behind after my amazing weekend with my family, so today I am giving it to you a litttlleee differently.

I had an absolute blast with my mom and sisters in San Francisco. We did so much and made so many good memories, but man did it wipe me out. I think it might have also been the time change, but regardless I felt like I just needed two days to get recuperated. Even when I was flying home, I just felt totally exhausted, which is crazy because normally flying is when I get my best work done. I don’t know what it is about it, but typically the ideas are coming at me too fast to even get it all down. Not this time! Although, I do have to say, it may have also been my inability to steal myself away from my new book I just started, Becoming by Michelle Obama. Guys, it is so good and 100% fascinating. If you all are interested, I will do a book review soon because I have read quite a few good ones lately.

Speaking of good ones, how GOOD is this jumpsuit??


I posted it to my page last week and you all went crazy for it and trust me, I know why. It is so fun and slimming. I can’t wait for it to really warm up because I know it is going to be a staple piece for me this summer. I am picturing me, in this, with a nice red in hand while catching up with my favorite girlfriends on a patio with twinkle lights. Can you picture it too? Or maybe me, in this, with an adorable jean jacket and some sandals, headed to grab a burger with John…I think it is going to have lots of “moments” if you know what I mean. The funny thing though? I have NEVER been a stripes girl. I think part of it was it made me feel fat and the other factor being that I am not super tan, so I wasn’t sure how it would look on me. However, as soon as I put it on, I was in love.

John and I are headed to go grab some ice cream now on this beautiful Spring evening. What is your favorite flavor?




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