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Happy Monday babes! I know I was supposed to get this post up last week, however I seriously STRUGGLED narrowing down the backpacks I wanted to include. There were just so many cute ones, that I couldn’t pick! I got it down to 10, but that was the best I could do. In fact, I am not gunna lie, I was super excited you all wanted to see a round-up on backpacks. This is a trend that has been hot during fashion week and it is such an easy one to implement into your own life. Not to mention the versatility a backpack carries (backpack…carries..haha…se what I did there?). But seriously, you can fit lot of things in it, it looks cute, it can be dressed up or down, and you can one-strap it like we did back in middle school, double-strap it, or, some of them, can even function as a purse as well! Super fun!



I mean…how perfect. So, without further adieu, my picks!

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