9 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Man

Happy Monday babes! I hope you all had a great weekend in which you got to relax and get yourself organized for this fun week ahead. If you follow me on social you know mine was fairly jammed-packed full of family fun! In fact, I am writing this on the plane as I head home to my sweet little Valentine. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, today I wanted to do something a little fun and give you some cute, fun and easy ideas you could do for your significant other.

Now, I am a strong supporter of Valentine’s Day. I truly believe that we as women deserve a holiday in which we get a little spoiling. I mean, we do bare children, have monthly stomach problems (which lead to hormonal problems), try and keep ourselves looking fly like Jlo, work, take care of those children we bore (husbands count as extra children sometimes too), and then care for everyone else in our world, all while doing it with a smile on our face. As a result, a holiday in which I get flowers and chocolate, and a nice dinner just because? Yes please! You bet your bottom dollar I’ll take that. In fact, I actually broke up with a guy over the fact that he did nothing for me for Valentine’s Day (there were other problems, but let’s just say, that was the cherry on top for me).

With that being said, I do love doing something a little special for my man. As a result, I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas. Some I have used myself and others I like to keep in my back pocket!

  1. Jar full of love – take a jar that you might use for flour or coffee and then write out little love notes, favors, or fun things you will do for your man. You can do this for every day of the year or one for every week. Then each time he pulls one out he has gets a little extra love from you. Some examples include no chores this week, make your favorite dinner this week, date night on me….or even here is why I love you. In this way, he will get a year full of love from you!
  2. Create a beer fridge – one of my sisters actually did this one for their man. You will most likely need an extra fridge (mini or large), but essentially you pack it to the max with beer. That way you man can always go into that fridge and pick out his favorites. You could even mix it with some gatorades and waters too!
  3. A date planned by you – so many times we rely on our mans to plan our dates or worst, we get stuck in the same old rut where we end up at the same restaurant or do the same thing over and over again. This time, you plan the date. Keep your man in mind the whole time you are planning and pack a Saturday full of fun things. Some great ideas here would be starting with breakfast, then heading out to go go-karting, a bounce house, or laser tag. Grab lunch at the place and play arcade games where you find out who can get the most tickets. After that head to his favorite brewery or place to grab drinks. Chat about life and all the things. Connect. Laugh. Head home for a a reset, then finish the evening by making his favorite meal or taking him out to see a movie. Regardless, think of what your man loves doing and plan around that. Speaking of that….
  4. For this one, do something your man loves, but that you would NEVER want to do – for example, maybe he loves to golf, but you have never been or does he enjoy gaming? Spend the afternoon gaming with him and really get into it. This is the person you love, show them how much you care but being invested in their interests.
  5. Make his favorite meal – sometimes all your man wants is some good home cooking,  dessert, and a relaxing night in. This one is pretty simple. Desert should be included!
  6. Coupon book – Make him a coupon book full of favors he can cash in whenever he wants. You can actually buy these online and fill them in, or make them yourself!
  7. Get him a gift – one year I bought John a really nice shirt. It was expensive, but I wanted to get him something that he might not buy for himself. He still wears that shirt to this day.
  8. Plan him a guys night – This one probably shouldn’t be on Valentine’s Day (obvi), but it would be a great surprise. Invite a few of his good friends over, turn over the sports channel, make some appetizers, buy some good drinks, and allow him a guys’ night. Set them all up, and head out to meet your friends while him and the boys enjoy an evening hanging out and catching up. Life can get so hectic sometimes, so planning this him an evening where he just gets to laugh and hangout with his boys will make him love you forever.
  9.  Tickets to something he is interested in – think of what he enjoys and buy him tickets to go see that. Sometimes it is hard to splurge on tickets to something, but let this be a time where you spoil him a little bit and get him something he might not get otherwise. You can then either opt to go with, or tell him to invite whomever he wants. Some examples – a sports game, a concert, an amusement park, golf passes, a show, etc…

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and are able to find something that works for you and your significant other. Men are fairly simple creatures, so things don’t need to be complicated for them. If you do any of these, please let me know! I would love to hear how you spoil your man. Truthfully, while we definitely deserve the spoiling, they do put up with us with quite a lot, so show them how much you really appreciate all they do for you!




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