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Happy Friday my sweet babes! I hope you all had a great week and are excited for the weekend ahead. I know I am. I am actually currently on a plane to CA to see my family while I finish this post up. One of my nieces birthdays was on the 6th, so I am flying out to spoil her a little bit and hype her up on sugar – as any great aunt would! I am only going to be there for about 24 hours, so be sure to follow along on stories on my Instagram to see all of the stuff I pack in for my weekend home.

Now, moving on to today’s post.

Today I am trying a little something different, so please let me know your thoughts on whether these are posts you would like to see more of in the future….

The reality is, that THIS girl is on a budget. Yes, yes. You heard that right. I am on a budget and that means I only get a certain amount of money to spend on clothes every month. Yes, you heard that right as well. I don’t just willy nilly shop (I wish), when my heart desires. I also don’t get sent free product very often due to the fact that one I am a smaller blogger, but two I am extremely picky when it comes to who I work with. It’s gotta make sense. It has to make sense for me, and it has to make sense for you! I also don’t like to take away too much from who, what, when, and where I like to post. I want it to be real, organic, and honest. As a result, every month I use my allotted money for shopping and buy what I you see on this platform, as well as my socials. That is not to say, I haven’t spent over my budget during certain months (ahem maybe every month), but I am working on it.

+++If you would like more information on budgets and how to start one, I wrote a very simple post you can find here on how we created ours, that might help you get started.+++

I used to be frustrated that I was on a budget. I remember telling John, “Honey, how I am supposed to be a successful fashion blogger if you limit my shopping?!?” But he would always remind me of our goals (like buying a home or saving for a trip), and why it is important for us to live within our means (he is a finance guy, in case you missed it). Then, I got to thinking, that most of you, are just like me, in that we can only afford to shop so much, so why not share what I really love each month so you can see exactly where my budgeted amount of money goes?

Now, I will be very honest with you. I am given $250 for shopping, which I know is actually pretty generous, so do not feel like you need to spend that amount. It is just that my husband knows that shopping is my vice, so I need a little extra. As a result, the products I have purchased, will reflect that.

Just to be clear, that money is not only for clothes and shoes, but it is also for any additional products I may want to buy, as well, so today I am going to cover it all for you!

So, for the month of February, here is what I bought with $250:

  1. I got through workout shoes fairly quickly and was in need of a new pair. I found these at Macy’s and fell in love with the baby pink color!
  2. I am actually a brand ambassador for a new fitness line called Kora Fitness. I really love their mission – with every piece of clothing you purchase, a certain amount goes back to help four different missions: clean water, sex trafficking, mental health, and work hunger. When you purchase you actually get to choose which organization you would like your purchase to go to. It is a super cool concept and I think they are going to be a great brand to partner with. I will be sharing more on them, one my products come in. Now, I did get a discount to purchase these, but guess what? I have a discount for you too if you would like to purchase as well! You can use code THECHICDELIGHT15 for 15% off your purchase! Here is what I bought!

3. Next, since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I bought a total cliche top for the holiday. John and I are keeping our Valentine’s Day plans pretty low key, so I didn’t necessarily need anything too fancy.

Now, for me, that added up to about $200. So currently I have about $50 left to spend on something if I would like to. Since this was the first time I have ever done this, I think March will be more planned out and thoughtful, but I wanted to give you all an idea of how I purchase my clothing. This month was heavy on the fitness gear, but we all know that and scrubs is my day-to-day, so I tend to update these often. Let me know what you think of this because to be honest, I am looking at what I bought and thinking that I may need to be more intentional with my money. It is sort of fun, how much can I get (of things I love!) for a set amount of money?

Message me if you have any questions and have a great weekend babes!






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  1. Krista Van Wagner
    February 9, 2019 / 3:00 pm

    I like this! Keep them coming Mis!

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