How to Style a Bodysuit

Initially when this trend came out, I thought it was so weird. I couldn’t possibly imagine wearing something that snapped under my crotch like a literal baby onesie. No way. BUT, as the trend has raged on (really over a year now), I finally decided to give it ago and figure out what all the hype was about.

Surprisingly, once I found a style I liked, it was pretty easy to understand why so many women were supporting the style.

Here’s my take:

  1. They are typically super easy layering pieces that can be transitioned between a lot of items in your closet. I need pieces that are multi-functional and these surprisingly can be worn in many different ways
  2. You don’t have to worry about tucking anything in. Because they are tight, you don’t have to worry about shirts that are coming out of your pants or a skirt where you want a form and fitted look, but the stupid shirt won’t stay down.
  3. Your sizing will vary depending upon where you are ordering it from. I have two and in one I am an extra small and in the other I am a medium. I would recommend trying them in-store, or being prepared to return if sizing doesn’t work. I feel this is majorly due to the fact that every women’s torso is a little different.
  4. You feel sexy. I thought that wearing it would make me feel awkward and frumpy, so I was surprised to find that I was actually fairly comfortably in it and also felt beautiful and confident.

As mentioned before, the great thing about this piece is that it is super easy to style. I think the key is find one you like and that works well with your body and lifestyle. For me, I opted for a black, long sleeve one. I felt like this would be super transitional, easy to wear throughout most of the year, and give me a good feel for whether or not I would like it. Once I realized just how easy it was to style, I have worn it tons of different ways since.

Below you can see how I styled it in this photo:

Bodysuit // Jeans // Booties // Jacket 

I literally just threw on a jacket, pair of jeans, and some booties. Super simple.

Here are some other ideas though:

+Cut off shorts and a pair of flats

+A long flowy skirt with some pretty heels for a night out

+Sweatpants and uggs for cruising around town and running errands

+Jeans and a sweater and over the knee booties

+ Dress pants and a cardigan for heading to work

+Pencil skirt, gold earrings, and some gorgeous heels for date night

I hope this helps and below I have linked some that are my total faves and I think would be great options!






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