My Current (and Past) Fitness Routine

One thing is clear…you all love learning about fitness! It makes me so excited that you do, because to be honest, I love sharing it. For those of you that may be new here, I started my fitness journey when I was in high school. Growing up, I was not the most coordinated of people. I think it was partly because I grew really fast and my limbs and body just didn’t match, but ask me to throw a ball, and you were either going to have to go run and find it or I was going to hit you in the face. Hand-eye coordination just wasn’t my thing. So, before I entered high school, you had to choose a sport to try or do two years of physical education. Having three older sisters, my only option in this was to choose a sport because otherwise I would be not amount to much in regards to social standing (which by the way never really helped me because I DEFINITELY was not the cool girl in school). So, after them discussing it out, they told me, why don’t you run cross country?

Hold, please.

RUN? Me? Ya, no.

However, I ended up running. I ran Cross Country which was a fall sport…then I got wrangled into running Track and Field, a spring sport. I then ended up doing this for all four years….to then continue in college, where I ran Track and Field for all four years. So…ya…I guess it all worked out haha.

***Some throwbacks for you***

After college though, I sort of lost my fitness spark. I started working full time, taking prerequisites for nursing, and volunteering 12 hours a week at a local hospital. There wasn’t much room for fitness. Then, I went to nursing school and my nurses out there will vouch that nursing school doesn’t provide the most free time.

It wasn’t until I finished nursing school and moved back to CA that I really started getting back into it and where my love for HIIT style training took off. Which now, leads us to today!

I am always adjusting and correcting my routine and it does vary a lot depending upon what needs to get done that week, but here is a breakdown of my current fitness regiment.

Monday: Class or Personal Training at 0530 at Jamie Scott Fitness in Southend – their classes always vary, but I always try and do a class on Monday or some personal training to get my week started.

Tuesday: Morning run with one of my good friends – she runs quite a bit so it is fun to run with her because she always pushes me. We are averaging anywhere between 2.5 miles and 3.5 miles since I am just getting back into running shape.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Yoga – there are a ton of really cheap (even free) yoga classes around Charlotte. One thing I was noticing was that because all of my HIIT training, I was feeling super tight. Also, because I sit a lot more with my new job and I am running, this helps to really open up my hips and finish out the week strong. If I don’t go to a class, I do my own flow at home

Friday: Class at 0530 at Jamie Scott Fitness – once again, they are always switching things up, so you never really know what you are going to get. If I am really tired or sore, I may skip this day, but typically, I always try to get a workout in on Friday and Monday.

Saturday: John and I like to take the 0830 class at Jamie Scott Fitness on Saturdays. It is typically pretty empty and it gives us just enough time to sleep in, but still have a lot of morning left to our day. This workout might be skipped if we have to go somewhere or do something on this day.

Sunday: Walk – John and I like to take walks around our neighborhood on Sundays. We grab a coffee or breakfast sandwich and talk about our weeks or what is coming in the next week. It is sort of like our special time.

There you have it! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. This is a hard rule for me, but many weeks it works and I enjoy it. I love working out and when I don’t have it, it can be so hard.

I hope you all have a Happy Friday!




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