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Happy Friday sweet friends! I hope this week has treated you well. I know for me, this week was much better than the first two of 2019 haha. Today I thought I would share a trend I am really loving and noticing a lot of: Leopard!

I feel like this is one that never seems to get old and there are so many fun ways to incorporate it into your style. Here is the break down:

Why I love it: It’s Versatility

  1. Since it is neutral colors, you can easily sneak it into any of your looks.
  2. It always comes back. I swear I have seen cheetah print around for years. I tend to notice it more during the cooler months, like fall and winter.
  3. It is fun! I love how the print can be made flirty and young, or transitioned into a more chic and professional manner.
  4. You can find the print in so many variations. If you aren’t sure that you necessarily want to wear clothes with the print, perhaps an accessory would be better suited for your style? In this way, you can introduce it a little more subtly.

Below I have linked some of my favorite leopard pieces from various sites. I have everything from scarfs, to swimsuits, to jackets, so I’m sure you will find something you will like. Sorry if I linked so many, it is such a hot trend right now that there were just so many options to choose from! Happy shopping sweet friends!





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