Favorite Gifts from Christmas

After posting some of my gifts on Instagram, you all gave me tons of feedback saying you wanted more, so I thought I would do a quick roundup and give you exactly what you asked for 🙂

Below are a few of my absolute favorite gifts John and I received for Christmas…

+ IRobot: Didn’t even ask for this, but it is like John’s parents just know exactlyyyyyy what to get us. This thing is seriously amazing. You can even set it to a schedule so that it goes off while you are at work. I would be careful with pets (Posey is not a fan), but I just let it run while I am cooking dinner and it is pretty crazy how much it picks up. It is the perfect solution all of my clean OCD issues #guilty

+ Instantpot: I have been wanting this thing ever since I heard you could cook frozen chicken in it in under 20 minutes. We haven’t used it just yet (I have full plans for it this weekend), but I can’t wait to begin testing recipes. For busy women like me (you know, wife duties, blog duties, and life duties), it is the perfect time saver, and you all know how I feel about my time.

+ Le Creuset French Press: Game changer my friends. I love a good french press (#coffeeaddict), so when I opened this gift from John’s granny I almost cried. One, I didn’t even know Le Creusset made these, and two what a brilliant idea because my biggest complaint about my current french press (which is still pretty amazing), is that the coffee doesn’t stay as hot long enough. Problem solved, and it is a super pretty blue color that looks totally adorable sitting on my oven.

+ Erin Condren Life Planner: You all know how I feel about this agenda. If you aren’t sure, head on over to this post where I share my love. This year I ordered a super chic and simple cover, but their website has tons of options.

+ La Vie Este Bella by Lancome perfume: This is my favorite perfume. I have been wearing it for years, but have always used the roll ons because they are so easy to throw in my bags. This year, I decided to upgrade and got an entire set from my parents. It includes a travel size spray, a large spray bottle (the packaging is so adorable), and a lotion. I absolutely love it!

+ Beyond Yoga workout set: I got this from my sister in-law and I am seriously obsessed. I have a few of  their pieces already, but the set (matching pants and sports bra) are so gorge. I have already worn them a ton and gotten so many compliments. I love how versatile they are for working out and running around town, plus the blush color is perfection.

Barefoot dreams socks: Another one of my favorite things – cozy soft anything. So in addition to craving a barefoot dreams blanket (it’s been on my list for Lord knows how long), and needing something to go with my Barefoot dreams loungewear set, I of course was dying to get my hands on some Barefoot Dreams socks. I had been eyeing them for a while, but not sure if I needed to spend $15, until I got not only one, but TWO pairs for Christmas. Let this be a away of easing you into the addition my friends. We all know I am a cozy girl at heart, and these are life changing. Excuse me while I go put them on…

+ A pair of APLs: I have been craving these shoes for quite some time, so when I opened up a box to find a beautiful dust rose colored pair staring back at me, I was overjoyed. I have since worn them quite a few times (training and not), and they may be one of my new favorite shoes. I have always been a Nike lover when it comes to training, but these have now reached an all time high on my list.

I hope you enjoyed this list. I would love to know what your favorite gifts for the holidays were. Head on over to my Instagram and let’s start the conversation!




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