My Top Intentions for 2019

As you all know from Monday’s post, one of my New Year traditions is to set goals for the upcoming year ahead. I prefer to use the term goals or intentions versus resolutions because I feel like I am not trying to resolve anything. I am merely trying to better myself and continuing moving forward. I also don’t like the idea of thinking of any part of me as a problem that needs solving, so instead I look at it as needing more growth and knowledge, and continue with hard work. So, after completing my Powersheets (see this post if you need more info), I came down to five major goals for myself. Today, I will share my top three.

  1. The first of my goals, and one I shared on Instagram with you all, was to enjoy more of the mundane, everyday tasks. Now this is not something that happened this weekend haha, but it is something I would like to enjoy more of. I hate the idea of wishing away time and wishing away abilities I take for granted. There are so many people in the world that would give anything to do laundry with a washer and dryer or be able to shop at the grocery stores I shop at, yet every time I do these little things (fold laundry, cook dinner, go grocery shopping), it has become one more thing on my list of to-dos. While, I may not be full in right now (one of the benefits of the powersheets is spreading out your goals to make sure you don’t grow too quickly, too fast which is why a lot of people are unsuccessful in setting their New Year intentions), I definitely am excited to slow down a bit more and embrace the everyday normal moments. I am reading a book right now and it is talking about interviewing people who have experienced the loss of a child or significant other and one of the most common wishes discussed, was that they wished to see them doing normal everyday things. One quote is “I would give anything if I could come down to the stairs to find my husband sitting at the table drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper.” Simple. Everyday. Mundane. I want to enjoy more of these moments.
  2. Next up is focusing on my health. Being a nurse, health has always been important to me, yet this year I want to make it more than just an importance. I want to make it a priority. I want to learn more about my health, I want to eat simpler, real good, and I want to begin caring for myself in an entirely different way. I want mental, physical, and EMOTIONAL (a big ticket for me) health. Having a great body is one thing, but this year, instead of focusing on what is outside, I want to begin focusing on what is inside and looking at how I can begin to slowly make changes that will not only lengthen the years on my life, but the life in my years.
  3. Lastly (and this is a difficult one to share), I want to grow this platform. I want to help cultivate a community where women feel comfortable to come and be themselves. I am coming up to two years of blogging and I would really love to make it more than just my side job. I would love to do this full time, but I have some work to do. I need to become clearer on my vision and I needed to make it even more of a priority than I already. 2018 felt like I sort of just spun my wheels and jumped from this or that, but this year I would like to take all my knowledge and really begin applying it to grow this into something so much more. It feels weird to admit that I would like this platform to grow, but it is a goal that is extremely important to me. I want to help women and I don’t want to be ashamed of that.

Well, there ya have it. My top three intentions for 2019. Did you set any resolutions, goals or intentions for the new year? I would love to know! Comment here or meet me on my favorite platform, Instagram!




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