3 Traditions to Set the New Year off Right

Whew. Finally back and ready to take on 2019. Did you guys miss me? I sure missed you, but don’t worry, we are now back to our regular scheduled programming of Monday, Wednesday, Friday blog posts. With that being said, I wanted to jump right in and share one of my favorite New Year traditions with you: setting my goals for the upcoming year.

You see, I have a few New Year traditions that I enjoy getting done every year. The first one begins in the final weeks of the previous year (so in December) with working on my Powersheets. If you aren’t sure what those are or why they are important, head on over to this blog post to read all about them and why they have changed my life. They are essentially a tool to allow all of your new year “resolutions” come to fruition. In addition, to digging deep and evaluating my past 365 days and setting goals for the new year, I also like to purge my entire space.

I go through every corner in my home and reorganize and trash all the “stuff” that has started cluttering up my space. Some of you may have witnessed my hard work over on my Instagram stories. This years’ purge, however, did not feel as enjoyable as years past. I am not entirely sure why, but I think it is majorly because I was unable to purge as much as I would like to due to the fact that we may be buying a house this year (but more on that later). It may also have something to do with the fact that I started at 7 o’clock at night…but I can’t exactly pinpoint it haha. Regardless, my closet looks super chic, so I guess that’s something.

The last little tradition I have, is to reassess my budget for the upcoming year. Typically at the end of the year, people get raises and bonuses, so I always like to sit down and take a look at my spending, what my financial goals are for the upcoming year, and make sure it all aligns. Since John and I share expenses and incomes, we typically sit down together and make sure both of us are doing the best we can to make our financial goals a reality. It also means, making some sacrifices here and there, but it is all worth it in the end. If you are new to budgeting and aren’t sure where to start, I wrote a super straight forward blog post on how to get started. You can find it here.

I personally always look forward to these fun little traditions of mine. They always help me to get my year started off on the right foot. Do you have any New Year traditions?





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