A Little Catch Up

Hi Friends!

Gosh it has been so long since I have been on here! I am so sorry for not being more present for you all. It’s funny though because to be honest, I think it affects me more than it does you guys haha! It is sort of like when you have a pimple and feel like it is so obvious and then you ask your friends about it and they are like oh, I didn’t even notice until you said that….yaaaa…but regardless I have felt bad. I never want you all to feel like you are being let down or that you can’t rely on me. But my absence is really fairly simple…

I wanted to take a break from blogging these past few weeks because I really wanted to feel present in my day-to-day. This time of year can be so hectic and my personality is one to where I really just run in a tizzy freaking out when I have too much on my plate, so, something had to give, and I chose taking a break from writing. Given the time of year, after writing a few blog posts at the beginning of the month, the more content I felt like I put out, the more I felt like I was just contributing to your noise instead of allowing you to do exactly what you needed to do…be present. While, I feel that gift guides are helpful in your shopping needs, I don’t really feel like I am your source for gift guides haha and if I am, there are a ton of other bloggers who could easily feed that need that are farrrr better than I in that department.

You see, I only ever want to feel like I ams serving you, but also setting the example, I would hope to see. If I was getting lost in the noise and tired of seeing giveaway after giveaway and gift guide after gift guide, then you, my friends, had to have been feeling the same way. I never want to add to your chaos, I only want to help keep you balanced, which is why I took a step back.

Did my page views and followers drop because of it? Sure, but does that really matter in the grand scheme of things? No…not one bit. Those of you that love being here and love the Chic Delight lifestyle are going to stay and be here, all others are going to bypass and THAT IS OKAY.

These past few weeks I hope you took a hint from my few social media posts and took a moment to slow it down and embrace all of the fun. There is so much energy in the air, and for once, I didn’t want to feel like Christmas was a burden, I wanted to feel like Christmas was a time to create memories. For example, last weekend I baked cookies and watched Hallmark movies instead of writing blog posts like I normally do, and while it was hard to let that responsibility slide (especially after not writing the previous week), I made the decision to be present and enjoy the season. And you know what? I loved it! I felt so proud of myself for even doing something like that. Then, while I wrapped presents this week, I listened to Christmas music and chatted with John while drinking hot chocolate. It was so good you guys.

Here are my thoughts, if I don’t set the example of what I am preaching, how in the world can I help each and everyone of you? Now, I am not perfect with this by any means because this is a learning process for all of us, but as I learn life lessons, I want to help share those lessons with my friends, so that we can all enjoy this life together. I hate wishing days away and not embracing memories as they are happening, which is a huge part of why I created The Chic Delight in the first place. So, I hope you can forgive me for my absence, but I hope that because of my absence, you were able to enjoy a little bit more of this holiday season.

I will be posting a few more times for 2018, BUT my big focus, is going to be on 2019, so I hope you are all excited, because I think it will be one of the best years yet for this platform and our little space together.

Also, if you ever feel like you need more or want to get in contact with me, you can always comment on any of these blog posts and I will see them, or you can feel free to email me at melissamwilson125@gmail.com. I am also, ever present on Instagram, so feel free to head on over there for all of the behind the scenes.

Speaking of which…you may want to follow along the next few days because I am headed home for the holidays and let’s just say that this year may be a bit interesting….think 5 couples, 5 children under the age of 10, anddddddd 5 dogs….in ONE HOUSE!

Hehe. Love you guys and Happy Holidays my sweet sweet friends!




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