10 Cute Ways to Wrap Your Christmas Presents in 2018

Hi guys!

What a beautiful and happy Monday it is today. I am still feeling giddy after getting my car yesterday. I truly can’t believe she is mine! I definitely hit the jackpot this year in regards to Black Friday shopping haha. Speaking of shopping? Are we shopped out yet, or just getting ourselves going? I know today is Cyber Monday, which is awesome and wonderful, but to be honest, I am pretty shopped out. I felt like the deals went on all week long and today is really nothing special, although I am writing this a day ahead so who knows. I may get my emails for the morning and realize I need to change my tune haha.

Regardless, I am sure you have all already started your Christmas shopping. Right? Oh no…you haven’t?? What are you thinking?!?!!

I kid, I kid. Girl, you got plenty of time and with the gift guides I’ll be throwing your way this month, you will have every person on your list covered (Grandparents included!). We are busy women, and aint’ nobody got time to stress about shopping. We need to be enjoying this beautiful holiday season for all that is. I know that is my plan. So, now that we have gifts settled, you know what I can’t do for you? I can’t wrap them. I know, I know. We all wish we had a wrapping fairy to come and take care of all of those gifts, so we didn’t have to, but this year I have a special idea for you. How about, instead of looking at Christmas wrapping as a the B**** that it is, let’s look at with a little bit of different perspective. This year, let’s make wrapping fun!

Now, I can feel you looking at me with that raised eyebrow. But don’t worry, I have it all planned out for you with gift wrapping ideas included. Let’s be clear though, I, nor anyone else part of the #TCDtribe is going to judge you if you go pick up one of those giant wrapping paper rolls, big box of bows, and giant case of tags from Costco, because a girl has got to do, what a girl has got to do. BUT, if you are looking for a little something different to make wrapping a little more fun this year, read on 🙂

Alright, so here is what you need:

  1. Gifts: shop all of my gift guides and you will be fineeeee. Good, now that that is clear, let’s move on…
  2. A Hallmark Christmas movie: This is essential because one) it will put you in the spirit, two) we all know how the plot lines, so it is okay if you miss a little, and three) they make time fly
  3. A style for how you want to wrap your gifts: this is where I come in

One year, my sister Krista came over with all of her Christmas gifts and they looked like Martha Stewart had wrapped them herself. Upon asking Krista how she did it, she explained how simple it was. All she did was buy some Christmas flowers – fake ones of course, but Magnolia leaves, holly, or pine clippings could all work too and can easily be found around most neighborhoods, some brown parchment paper, some pretty ribbon (Homegoods is the best to get this because it is usually pretty cheap), and a chalk pen. That was it! They were so beautiful and simple. Now, all me and my sisters do it and it is so fun to see who comes up with what. But, just in case you aren’t in the mood for figuring out your own, below are 10 different Christmas wrapping ideas from Pinterest that would be super simple, and adorable!

**(All images are from Pinterest)**

If you have any question on how to craft these beauties, please let me know and make sure to tag me (@thechicdelight) if you try any! I would love to see it!

Happy wrapping friends!




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