My Favorite Netflix Binge Worthy Shows

You guys, winter is coming. It is right around the corner, and as temps begin to cool down, that means less time spent outside and more time spent inside. Personally, I haven’t binged watch some good Netflix in farrrr to long, but that is because I have been loving writing for all of you. However, before about 6 months ago, Netflix was my jammmm. I remember in nursing school I would just watch one show after the next. In fact, sometimes I would spend my entire day watching Netflix! It is crazy to me to think back on it now, but then it was oh so good and hey, I survived nursing school, so it must have done something, right? Right?! Haha.

Anyways, today I am covering my absolute favorites that I could watch from beginning to end. There are quite a few I haven’t seen and I am a TOTAL baby, so this list is not exhaustive. In fact, if you have one I missed, comment it below so I can check it out! I am always looking for something good to watch (if I can pull away from my Housewives that is haha).

Okay, let us begin.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy – I am starting with the ole’ G you guys. This is such a good show to binge and honestly all of the current medical shows out now can’t even come close to how good this show is. There is a reason it is still around today (against my own personal better judgement). For those of you that may have been living under a rock, this show follows multiple characters as they begin their residency at a hospital in Seattle, Washington. There is love, drama, laughs, life lessons, and allllll the feel goods. You honestly fall in love with the characters and that is what I love most. ABC has killed it with this one for sure.
  2. Friday Night Lights – oh man. This was an unexpected one for me. My husband actually suggested it, but I haven’t watched any show as fast as I have Friday Night Lights. The premise of this one follows the lives of a football couch, his family, and his players. It is based in a rural Texas town where football is king and good morals are far and few in between. As you watch the story line unfold, you find yourself cheering on the unexpected and truly thinking about your own personal morals. As the saying goes, “Clear eyes, full hearts, never lose.”
  3. Gossip Girl – talk about guilty pleasures! However, don’t forget to grab the bae for this one,  because despite what some people may think, your man is going to be just as enthralled with these Upper East side beauts as you are. Follow along as you see what high school is really like for this elite crew in New York City. Scandal, love,  and gossip are the premise, but you will leaving drooling over their closets and wardrobe most I think haha.
  4. Gilmore Girls – this is where I begin to wonder what is wrong with TV these days and why we don’t have anymore simple feel good shows like this one. Rory and Loralei will steal your hearts as they learn how to navigate mother-daughter dynamics in one of the most crucial times of adulthood – high school and college. This show makes me so happy and also makes me wish I had a Luke’s and lived in a small town. Gah! I just love it you guys!
  5. Friends – I would hope you all have seen an episode or two of Friends. It is a simple comedy where you are guaranteed a laugh by just hopping in anywhere, however, start from the beginning and you will see this beautiful story line surrounding 6 friends unfold. There is more than just laughs here, but you WILL be guaranteed plenty of those.

There you have it, my FAVORITE binge-worthy Netflix shows. I have sadly watched all of these more than once and love having them to fall back to when I just need some feel-good feels and a good storyline to get wrapped into.

Now, go grab the popcorn and get to watching!




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