9 Simple and Easy Fall Date Ideas

With Fall just around the corner, I am in full-spirit mode guys! I am seriously so excited and it has got me thinking allll about the fall stuff. So today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite fall date ideas! I think Fall is the perfect time for dates because the weather doesn’t affect what you do. Not to mention there are so many fun, cute things to do that will not only bring you two closer physically (think scary things jumping out and you needing to jump in his arms haha), but also help to bring your relationship to another level. Plus, I love festive date ideas, they are just so fun!

  1. Pumpkin Patch – okay so I went with the obvious Fall idea, but so many couples DO NOT DO this! Take the time to actually go to a pumpkin patch instead of picking it up at the grocery store, and make it an adventure for the two of you. Typically they have animals, hay rides, and lots of other goodies that make picking out a pumpkin so much more fun. I always think about when I was a child and my parents told me we were going to a pumpkin patch and how excited I got because the funny thing is that I still get excited! It is a great way to really spend some quality time together.
  2. Carve those pumpkins – another given, but once again something that so many adults don’t do anymore. Holidays aren’t just for children, guys. I recommend making it a little bit of a competition. Grab the good carving tools, a book with ideas and then sees whose comes out better! This year, John and I are actually have a little party with some of our friends for this because we love carving pumpkins. I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!
  3. Scary movie night – Now, I DO NOT like scary movies. No way, no sir, no thank you please. BUT, if you do like scary movies, planning a movie night could be a great way to connect (for me I might do some Halloweentown or Hocus Pocus). So much of our time is spent getting stuck into a routine or trying to see all the people, sometimes you just need a night in with your boo. Make some popcorn, pick up both of your favorite candies and relax in your favorite pjs.
  4. Apple picking – I personally have not done this one with John, but I have gone with some friends and it was an absolute blast! Once again, I think this could be a great opportunity to make a half day out of it and pick some apples, grab some lunch, and don’t forget the apple cider doughnuts (so good)! You could then spend the whole ride home thinking of all the apple things you could make with all of your new apples!
  5. Amusement park – most amusement parks turn into a scary park during the month of October. Here in Charlotte, they call it Scarowinds. Essentially there are zombies and people walking around with chainsaws and lots of haunted houses. I think this could be fun to do just the two of you, or with a group! Regardless, nothing is better than seeing your man be the hero when that big scary monster comes around the corner.
  6. Going for a walk through the neighborhood – this is something John and I LOVE to do. We love seeing all of the Halloween decorations and seeing everyone’s pumpkins being put out. It is like you can smell Halloween in the air and it is so fun to not only connect by chatting and catching up on the day, but we also are able to clear our heads from the day by walking. Plus, I love just throwing on some workout clothes, grabbing a jacket (because you can do that now), and walking anywhere hand-in-hand with my boo.
  7. Planning and creating your Halloween Costumes together – to me, nothing is cuter than couple Halloween outfits (okay, maybe a baby dressed as a pumpkin). People are SO creative and come up with the cutest ideas. If this is you, then I highly recommend turning your costume brainstorming session into a date. Personally, I prefer not to get dressed up anymore, but there are so many fun ideas out there and two brains are definitely greater than one! I would make the whole thing a date, from the planning, to purchasing of materials, to creating, and even trying on (I mean, you need to see if it fits).
  8. Pass out candy together – this one is more for the actual day of Halloween, but it is something John and I love to do. Back home, one of my sisters lives in a neighborhood where everyone takes a lot of pride in decorating their houses. As a result, my sister and brother-in-law have followed suit and go all out. On the night of Halloween they then invite everyone over to have hotdogs and pass candy. It is seriously my favorite you guys. I love seeing all of the kids dressed up, getting to eat as much candy as I want because #Halloween, and just enjoying the Holiday. If you don’t have kids or aren’t planning on going to a party, then I highly recommend this one.
  9. Picnic in the leaves – last but not least, is a fun picnic in the leaves. Make some sandwiches or pick up some from Jersey Mikes and head to a park to just enjoy the season. I love all the leaves changing and taking even just an hour to really spend time together can be so fun. You can watch the kids play in the leaves, or feed the ducks, or even take a nap under a tree. Regardless, breathe in fall, and snuggle into your boo. Take time to appreciate all of the goodness in life and just be, even for just a little bit.

I hope you guys enjoyed these fun date ideas! I can’t wait to hear which ones you decide to do!




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