10 Easy Hobbies to Try

We all need ways to release energy and decompress. Work, life, relationships, etc can be so stressful and overwhelming that it can feel like the walls are caving in and there are no ways out. Not to mention that fact that being stuck in day in and day out routine can prove depressing and empty. I was in this place not too long ago. I realized that I didn’t have anything I really enjoyed doing. All of my time was spent doing things I was supposed to do and I needed an outlet. When I talked to my friends about what they enjoyed doing, they all seemed to have various interests – reading, cooking, sewing, gaming, Netflixing, crafting, golfing, etc., which made me realize just how far of a hole I had dug myself into.

After making my realization, I set out to find some interests that I could use a health distraction. I needed activities that didn’t require a lot of energy, time, or money, and I also needed things that would be relaxing and joyful to me. I event tried to think back to when I was a child and what I enjoyed doing back then. As a result, I came up with (and tried) some really great ones. So, if are having trouble finding something that interests you and you are realizing you may be stuck in the routine and mundane, try some of these hobbies. Hopefully, you will find something that ends up being an easy and fun way to recharge and rejuvenate.

  1. Agenda decorating – one thing I used to love collecting as a child was stickers. When I thought about how I could do this now, I realized I could take it a step further and actually use it as a way to brighten my week. Essentially you buy yourself some stickers (Etsy carries agenda decorating ones), washi tape, some pretty pens, and an agenda. Then each week you can either decorate it before the week starts and use it as a way to plan out your days, or you can do it at the end to reflect back on all that you have accomplished.
  2. Reading – this is a simple one that I think a lot of people forget about. When I initially tried this hobby a few years ago, I couldn’t quit seem to get into it, now I have zero problems getting lost in a good book. I think the key here is to really find a book you enjoy. It doesn’t have to teach you anything. The important thing is that you get lost in it. Another fun way to spice this hobby up, is to do it with friends! Book Clubs are great ways to meet people and read books you may not have thought to try.
  3. Coloring – another simple thing I loved doing as a kid and now it is even easier to do as an adult. Buy an adult coloring book, some crayons or colored pencils, and get to coloring. This hobby has been shown to be very relaxing for people. I think it also provides as a good distraction because you have to be focused while doing it so that you do not mess up haha.
  4. Cooking/Baking – some people LOVE to cook and bake. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I don’t hate it, but it is not the first thing I think of. If you haven’t really gotten into cooking, try it out. You may find that cooking allows you to express your creativity in a way you never thought possible.
  5. Wine – an unexpected hobby, but one none the less. Wine is fascinating to learn about, and now that we are 21 we can easily feel free to indulge and learn at the same time. Wine is actually a hobby my husband and I share and it is so fun to learn about all of the different facets that make wine good. Each bottle is uniquely different and there is a huge wine world out there. Some ways we enjoy this is to go to classes, take tours, perform vertical tastings with friends, and experiment with different bottles at restaurants.
  6. Volunteer – this can be a rewarding and fun hobby. When I was searching for interests of mine, one thing I did was actually volunteer at a local shelter/pound. I loved playing with the animals and I got to meet some pretty cool people along the way. I feel that this would be a super rewarding and humbling experience. There are many ways to volunteer as well – assisted living facilities, local churches, soup kitchens, red cross, animal hospitals/shelter, events…pretty much any place will take free labor haha.
  7. Exercise – this may seem like a forced hobby, but it is a hobby none-the-less. I think the key here is to find a workout that doesn’t seem like a job. Fitness doesn’t necessarily mean you are crazy sweating, super sore the next day. It can also just be a way of releasing energy and getting outside. Some ideas that come to mind are yoga, cycling, tennis, golf, swimming, hiking…these are all ways of moving and sweating, but also don’t necessarily have to be super intense if you don’t want them to be.
  8. Collecting – I used to love collecting little things when I was little. I like tiny tiny rocks, figurines, etc. and it made me think how collecting (collecting anything) is also a hobby. The fun comes in the search for new items to add to your collection. I know people who collect cards, stamps, comic books, pitchers, etc. Choose something you like and begin collecting them. I especially love the idea of collecting things that you can also get from different locations you visit. One thing I like to collect is coffee mugs. I had to stop though because I was getting too many haha.
  9.  Product creation – this is an umbrella term for the creation of an item. For example, pottery, knitting, sewing, soap making, paining, woodworking, jewelry, etc, are all examples of product creation. I personally don’t enjoy creating physical products, but I think this would be a great hobby for someone who does enjoy crafting with their hands.
  10. Gardening – this is something I have been trying myself. I don’t have too much space (just a patio), but I have really enjoyed buying plants and caring for them. I personally think I would enjoy planting fruits and vegetables even more, so I am very excited for when we have a house to do this, but in the mean time, my patio works just fine. Some options could be flowers, or herbs, or produce. It is sort of whatever you prefer. I have found though that gardening is very relaxing for me and helps me to clear my mind.

I hope you are able to find an idea in here you would like to try and in the meant time, I would love to hear of some of your hobbies! Feel free to comment on this post or my most recent Instagram post and let me know what you enjoy doing!




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