This Week’s Fitness Plan

Happy Monday babes! I hope you all are safe and sound after a slightly stressful weekend with Hurricane Florence. Here in Charlotte, NC we are all still sort of waiting to really figure out the full extent of damage, but we are already aware of quite a bit of flooding around us and the coastline was definitely hit horribly. John and I are praying for all of those affected in such a horrible disaster and asking for guidance and strength for those that have been affected…

Today, I figured I would share my fitness routine for this week with you all, just to make one area of your lives a little bit more mindless and easier.

Monday – 35 minutes on elliptical followed by 15 minutes of ab work

Tuesday – Personal training session (stay tuned friends because I think we are actually going to create something special so you all can see what I do during this time with my trainer)

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – 45 minutes of cycling followed by 15 min of stretching

Friday – Tabata style workout; of this you can really do any variation but for me I will be doing 7 full rounds with one exercise four times 40 sec on 20 sec off. Ex: Squat thrusters – perform for 40 seconds, 20 second rest and complete four times (that equals one round).

Saturday– Rest Day

Sunday – Long Walk with stretching

I hope this helps all of you and please don’t hesitate to comment with questions!




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