Easy Game Day Look

As many of you know, in the Wilson Household we are Gamecock fans. Not the easiest given the game this past week, but this post is not to discuss athletic politics. Today, I wanted to give you a perfect Game Day look that can work for almost any team (including for my Panther fans!) and is super easy to wear.


Romper $53 // Earrings $38, I like these ones too, $22 // Boots are from a small boot store in Western VA (sorry guys!)

Fab’rik is one of my FAVORITE local boutiques. In Charlotte, the closest one is at the Birkdale Village, but the one I shop at most is in Columbia, SC which is where I found this adorable romper. So here is the breakdown on why I love it and why YOU can opt for this easy option next time you are headed to a game:

1. It’s an outfit. I don’t need anything besides it which I love. Here at #TCD we are all about simplicity, so the easier the better.

2. It’s cute, flirty, and fun. Nowadays it can be so hard to find an outfit that isn’t too revealing and as I get older, two piece options just aren’t going to work for me. The neckline of this one was a little low for my personal preference, so I did safety pin it, but other than that the length was perfect (no bum cheeks here)!

3. You can wear it for multiple purposes. I love having a good staple item and this one is perfect for that. Not only does it work for gameday, but it is also easy to dress up or down, making it perfect for a day cruising the breweries, a night out with the girls, or even a fun date night with the boy.

4. Packs nicely. I threw this in my suitcase and pulled it out on gameday. Now, if that isn’t a plus, I don’t know what is.

5. Good price point. Rompers can be expensive, but this one comes in at just over $50. Because of that, I was able to get it and some garnet earrings to complete my look for under $75! Not to mention the fact that this can be a piece I can use for the next couple of seasons.

6. Make it your own by adding your gameday color. For the Gamecocks, we are garnet and black, so I added garnet earrings and a few other themed jewelry items. Because black is so versatile, just take your teams main color and add that in the form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. I love the idea of some statement earrings in your favorite team color because I think it really makes the outfit. Plus, any color you choose is guaranteed to pop because you are using such a simple canvas.

7. Black is slimming. I think this look could work for any girl of any age and of any SIZE. The ruffles add hide the mid section and the shorts are flowy, instead of tight, elongating and slimming your legs. Then, if you feel uncomfortable about any cleavage, you can always do what I did and safety pin it to the height you are most comfortable with.

I hope you enjoyed this look and don’t forget to check out Fab’rik! I think you all are going to love it just as much as I do. Wishing your teams all the best this season!

Go Cocks!



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