Month Worth of Menu Guides

dinner menu

One of my least favorite tasks on Sunday evening is deciding what to cook for dinners for the week. I don’t know why, but it seems like all I can ever think of is tacos and spaghetti (which are on here haha). I figure that if I struggle with this, then other people must as well, which is why I have created today’s post – A month worth of dinners. I hope this helps all of you busy ladies out there and makes these next few weeks a little bit easier. If this doesn’t work for you, hopefully you can at least generate some ideas. For lunches, John and I typically have leftovers from most of these, so hopefully that helps. Happy Menu Planning!

Weekly Menu 1:

Monday – Chinese Chicken Salad (John is headed out of town, so this one is for me!)

Tuesday – Pot Roast

Wednesday – French Dips with leftover pot roast

Thursday – Spaghetti

Friday – Chicken and rice – this is a staple for us. John typically pan cooks some chicken tenders with some seasonings and then we add a couple of sides, easy and yummy

Saturday – Turkey Chili

Sunday – Fajitas

Weekly Menu 2:

Monday – Tacos

Tuesday – Chicken and roasted Brussel sprouts

Wednesday – Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Thursday – Spaghetti

Friday – Quinoa bowls

Saturday – Eat out

Sunday – Steaks, sweet potatoes, and green beans

Weekly Menu 3:

Monday – Beef stir fry over brown rice

Tuesday – Chicken roll ups with roasted vegetables

Wednesday –  Banza Pasta with turkey meatballs

Thursday –  Pork Chops, Sweet potato, and roasted veggies

Friday –  Roasted Chicken with brown rice and roasted veggies

Saturday – Breakfast for dinner

Sunday – Tator-tot Casserole

Weekly Menu 4:

Monday –  Chicken Parmigiana

Tuesday –  Kabobs

Wednesday –  Ham and asparagus and cauliflower dish

Thursday –  Tacos and Rice

Friday –  Burgers and sweet potato fries

Saturday – Pasta Salad

Sunday – Eat out