Birthday Cravings

Dress $198 // Shoes $119.95

For those of you that may not know, September is my Birthday Month! This year I will be turning 28 and to be honest, I’m not mad about it. I have never really dreaded my birthdays, but I am sure at some point I will haha. I am currently not sure what we will do. It lands on a Saturday, which is great, but sadly, I have no clue what I want to do. One thing will be for sure though, I will DEFINITELY be wearing this dress somewhere. I am not one to typically turn to orange, but something about the color of this orange made me feel beautiful and confident and that’s all any girl could ask for. Also, if you haven’t purchased these Sam Edelman’s, you are missing out. They are the perfect height, are super comfortable, and extremely versatile. I have already worn them to two weddings and many date nights #obsessed.

Anyways. Moving on.

In honor of my birthday month, I thought I would round up what is on my birthday list this year. My mom and dad always give us the same budget, so I definitely won’t be getting all of these things, but I always like to provide my momma with options!

  1. True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen by Kristin Cavallari – I have heard great things about this cook book and after watching Very Cavallari on E! I love her even more, $15.59
  2. Instant Pot  – This has been something I have been eyeing for a while, but just haven’t gotten up the courage to buy. I think it would be a perfect birthday gift, $99.95
  3. Pottery Barn giftcards – I can always use gift cards to PB. It is one of my favorite home stores and I love getting seasonal pieces from them. I don’t have anything on my wish list currently from them, but that never lasts long haha, $various
  4. Tory Burch ‘Ella’ Nylon Tote – I have seriously been eyeing this bag since it came out. I used a Tory tote throughout college and it was my absolutely fave because of its versatility. Since she started making them again, I seriously have had all the heart eyes, $198
  5. Various Books – I currently have 34 books and counting on my ‘To Read” list, so I added a few here. I don’t know what happened, but over the past couple of months I have come to LOVE reading. I love learning and reading has become a really great outlet for me. On my list was Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, Essentialism by Greg McKeown, and Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.
  6. Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket in Cream Leopard – If you haven’t experienced the greatness of a soft blankey, then you are seriously missing out. Barefoot Dreams is an amazing brand that makes tons of super soft products, and with winter coming, I have my eyes on something to soft ad snuggly, $180
  7. Essential Oils – since I got a diffuser for Christmas, I have become obsessed with essential oils. My favorites are from Young Living because of  the high quality of their products, $various

Well, there you have it! My birthday list in all it’s glory haha. I will keep you posted in what I get!




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