6 Athleisure Brands You HAVE to Check Out

Pants $44.95 // Sports Bra $44.95 // Top $24.95 // Shoes $64.99

We all know how obsessed I am with workout clothes. Truth be told, if I am not in scrubs or my leisure suit, I am 100% in workout clothes. I may or may not workout, but who cares, because of late, athleisure is totally killing it as the new style.

Today I have compiled a list of some of my favorite workout brands you may have not tried (and maybe some you have) and my personal opinion on each. I’ll break down how they held up on the sweat test, price points, quality, and sizing and all are tried and tested by yours truly! And, as always, each is linked, so feel free to check out their websites yourself to see if there are any you might enjoy yourself.

Fabletics: This was a new one for me. There is actually a store here in Charlotte at the South Park Mall, so I was able to go in and have some major fun. My initial hesitation with this brand was not seeing a ton of styles I loved and uncertainty in regards to how the style would hold up to workout. After purchasing my first set (sports bra, top, and leggings for a little over $60 – you can pick your jaw up now), by reservations have been totally SQUASHED! I purchased the set you see above and I was a little worried about the pink showing butt sweat (ew!), so I put it to the test. After working out in it for about an hour, dripping sweat, and burning over 700 calories, I hardly noticed a color change. They were not see through and it held to standards. Safe to say, this may be my new favorite. Not to mention the fact that if you become a VIP it is basically like a Birchbox where they come out with new styles and looks every month curated to your style. You can then opt in or out that month. If you opt in, you get to choose one of the sets. If you opt out, then you pay nothing and wait for next month. If you forget to opt in or out, your card is then charged $49.95 as a credit for you to use another time. I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO DOWN!

Zella: Zella is a fitness brand that is carried at Nordstrom. I have not seen it anywhere else, but it is definitely one of my favorites. The price point is great for these in that most leggings are right around $60 and they are most basic pieces. I have worked out in many of their pieces and they hold up very well. A lot of their pieces will go on sale too which is great. I think my favorite things from their line is their jackets (super fun and chic) and tops. They are easy to wear, super versatile, and make for excellent workout attire AND athleisure. To me it’s a win-win! Plus, they fit ALL BODY TYPES, something not every workout line takes notice too.

Nike: We all know Nike. It’s been around for ages and there is a reason why. Nike never fails to provide pieces you can rely on. From shoes to sports bra, when you see that check mark, you know you are going to get good quality pieces that will withstand almost any sport. I like to think of their pieces for more of the Sporty Spice kind of girl because when I wear their clothes I feel like an athlete, which is sort of cool. It is definitely all about their branding, but I can 100% get behind it. As women, I think we want to feel strong and sexy and Nike provides that in so many ways. For me personally, their shoes are my favorite. I began training in Nikes in college running Track and Field and haven’t turned back. Their shoes can really be meant for running, HIIT training, fashion purposes and beyond, plus with new prints and styles constantly coming out, it’s hard for me to pick up just one (#guilty)! I also love that you can find Nike pretty much everywhere. All of your department stores will carry it, there are outlets, and stores themselves, so you can always find their products. They are a staple and I think every girl should own just one piece.

Lorna Jane: This may be a new one to many of you East Coasters because the only way I found it was popping into one of their stores in Topanga, CA. It is actually an Australian brand, but if we can bulk it up, maybe we can get an East Coast location! Haha. Regardless,  I have been a proud spokesperson for the past couple of years! What I love about this brand is their colors and prints, and similar to Fabletics, Lorna Jane comes out with new styles every month. I think their quality is fantastic and I feel like everything they put out is super fun and girly. Personally, I don’t think their website does them justice because the clothing seems so different to me in store versus online, but I will always be a continual supporter. Pricing is up there (think Lululemon pricing), but the quality and style is worth it. Plus, since it isn’t super popular in the US, you can guarantee no one else will have your look. This is a brand I recommend as a treat yo-self/birthday/Christmas because of that cost.

Old Navy: Now, this one has come as a surprise and if I am perfectly honest, I haven’t shopped at Old Navy since I was in like middle school…until now. I kept hearing rumors about Old Navy and their new workout wear, so, as any good investigator does, I went to check it out. Not only did this brand surprise me, I was pretty dang IMPRESSED. Their line consists of SUPER AFFORDABLE basic pieces that will fit any body type. Many women are turning to this brand and I think it is a great one to add to the list. This line sort of reminds of Target when their workout wear was good (I haven’t been impressed), but at even better prices. Not to mention that one of their sister companies is Athleta.

Victoria’s secret: Who thought Victoria’s secret would begin killing it in the workout wear? Not me, that’s for sure. They have always had an active wear, but up until recently I wasn’t a big fun. Fast forward to a few months ago and I went in for my normal necessities and found a few cute things in their activewear line, as well. I tried them and was actually pretty impressed. They were having a great sale (buy sports bra and leggings for $55, which is the sale currently going on, Enter code SPORTDUO at check out), so I decided to give them go. I think their line is great if you are on a budget because they always have awesome deals and their pieces passed my workout test, which I was proud of. I don’t think they are pieces you will be able to keep for years, but then again who really wants to do that anyways? We always need more workout gear! Go check them out!

I feel like there are so many workout lines out there that are so amazing and I can’t wait to try out more, but I think this is a good list covering some of those that may be flying under your radar. If you have any recommendations, please comment below so I can try them out!




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