Just Dropping in to Say Hello…

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Hey guys! Just a quick post here to say Happy Labor Day and I hope you are all having a fabulous three day weekend! John and I went down to Columbia, SC (about an hour away from Charlotte) to our first home football game for University of South Carolina on Saturday. John’s dad is an alumni there and I can definitely tell you that nothing compares to SEC football. It was a tad warm, but we came out with a W so I’ll take it! We then came home yesterday for a BBQ with some friends. It was the perfect Sunday evening. Today, in typical Monday Holiday fashion, I am embracing the day by getting myself organized. This means going through drawers, getting errands done, and pulling out my transitional fall. It’s crazy what a little extra time can do for you!

Today is also a bit more exciting though,  because tomorrow I start my new job, which I can’t wait for, and baby Landry (my sister’s baby) is due any day now! I can’t wait to meet her!

Safe to say the Wilsons are having a great holiday and I hope all of you are!

Stay tuned for some awesome content this week!





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