New York City Travel Guide: Round 2

One of my most popular posts to date is my New York City Travel Guide from last year titled “When in New York.” It was such a fun post to write and it still sort of surprises me that so many of you enjoyed it. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a beast to create, but totally worth it! Because it was such a hit, I decided I would write a second version updating you on all of our adventures this past Fourth of July. One thing is for sure, the Wilsons really know how to do New York! haha

For this one, I decided to break it up by sections and talk about some of my favorites because we did SO MUCH this year! Enjoy!


  1. Benjamin’s Steakhouse: talk about an UH-MAZING steakhouse. Every year (well this year and last) we end up getting the privilege of eating at a delicious steakhouse, and Benjamin’s was no different. The moment you walk in, you know you are in the right place given that the walls are covered with photos of famous people (and I’m talking covered). I started with a wedge salad and John got crab cakes (surprise surprise) and then we shared two slices of the sizzling Canadian bacon. All was so good! The Canadian bacon is a must! For dinner, we ordered the porterhouse for two and John got a bone-in rib eye, and it was plentyyyy of food for four.  Desert was a crème brulee (okay, you can wipe up your drool now) and a decaf cappuccino (my own personal fave).
  2. Robert’s: This restaurant is 100% underrated and a total hidden gem in New York. Located at the top of the Museum  of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle, this location has views on views on views! We went for lunch and that is exactly what I would recommend because we not only got a seat right by the window, but the three course lunch special was on point. It included an appetizer, entrée, and desert. I ordered the kale and avocado salad to start, the black truffle tortellini  for my entrée, and the passion fruit cheesecake bar for desert. We paired this with some delicious Rose and it was perfection!
  3. Lady M Cake Boutique: Now, I got SO many messages about this place from my stories. The cakes are unbelievable! Surprisingly, Charlotte actually had it’s own location in Southend, but it closed down from limited business. New York definitely does not have this problem and it breaks my heart that Charlotteans lost out on such an awesome opportunity! However, if you get desperate they do ship all across the US… John, birthday?? Haha. I tried the Signature Mille and the Checkers and both were phenomenal. Personally you can’t go wrong. If you do check this place out in NYC, just make sure to go at off hours and avoid tea-time. It does get pretty busy.
  4. Cappone’s: Now, I haven’t tried many sandwich shops in NYC, but this one took the cake for me. It was absolutely the best sandwich I have ever had. Nestled in the Chelsea market, this is a delicious gem! Be aware there is standing room only if you want to eat it there, but trust me you won’t need much time to eat it, because I inhaled mine! I went super original by ordering the Cappone on ciabatta and it was beyond delicious.
  5. Blue Bottle Coffee: Now, we all know my obsession with coffee and New York has some of the best coffee I have ever had. With a coffee shop on every corner, it can be hard to choose, but I can promise you when you order from Blue Bottle you are always making the right choice. Each coffee they prepare is handcrafted with so much love and dedication. Their beans are guaranteed to be the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced to provide only quality coffee. To be honest, I think their obvious love for coffee and providing only good quality coffee is what makes this place so yummy. You can just tell with each sip you take that it was made for love. However, if you are looking for your caramel Frappuccino with half caramel and sugar free vanilla and small dollop of whip cream, you have come to the wrong place. Blue bottle keeps it simple, which is something I can truly appreciate.


  1. Hello Dolly: New York wouldn’t be New York without seeing a show! Last year, we saw Cats and I loved it so much I actually got their soundtrack for Christmas. This year, we took it in a bit of a different direction and went to see Hello Dolly. Well, like Cats, this show did not disappoint. I laughed, teared up, smiled, and loved my way through this show. From the beautiful costumes, to the hilarious and sweet plot line, this show was absolute wonder. Whether or not this is the show for you, regardless, you must see one of the Broadway shows while in New York. I can guarantee there is nothing like them.

To Dos:

Below I listed some of my favorite places we went. I don’t think they necessarily need a full description, because they are pretty self-explanatory, but highly recommend each and every one.

  1. Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Highline
  3. Rooftop Bars
  4. Soul Cycle
  5. Pen Store
  6. Chelsea Market
  7. The Mask Bar

I hope you all enjoyed this year’s NYC travel guide and as always, share your thoughts below!




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