My Tips for Solving the Fitness Slump

View More:’ve all been there. It’s time to go workout and you just AREN’T feeling it. You feel unmotivated and exhausted, and the last thing you want to do is expend more energy by going to a workout. I know I have definitely been in this position a number of times and it is not the easy to snap out of. What is funny too, is that I know that what I really need is a good workout, yet getting there can seem like such a struggle.

Well, don’t worry because I have got you covered. Today’s post is all about my tips and tricks for snapping out of the slump and getting your workout on!

Tip 1: Have a workout partner. I know for me, I need external pressures to hold myself accountable. As a result, having someone that is relying on me to show up, even when I don’t feel like it, is always helpful. I like this option too, because it goes both ways. You BOTH can push each other and you BOTH can help motivate each other. A lot of fitness is about accountability, and by holding yourself accountable to another person, you have one more extra pressure to show up.

Tip 2: Buy new workout clothes. Having new workout outfit gets me SO EXCITED! I seriously can’t wait to show it off at my next workout and I love finding how it fits and feels in a good sweat session. I like to use this as another external pressure by telling myself that if I finish X amount of workouts, I can buy myself a new outfit. For some, the idea of splurging on new gear seems silly, but I know for me personally, it works like a charm and is an automatic motivator. I now am not only going to have a good body, but I am also going to have a cute outfit to go with it!

Tip 3: Switch up your workout. Sometimes all you need to do to get motivated again, is to snap out of your routine. Your body loves to keep itself guessing and will not only respond better to various types of workouts, but will also allow the opportunity to find more of what you like and don’t like. There are so many different ways to get your sweat on and I love trying new things. Not only do you enjoy workouts more, but it also provides for an opportunity to meet more people that have similar interests as yours. Plus, I am always surprised as to how my own perceptions of what a certain workout might be like is different from the actual class itself. Sometimes I am spot on, and other times I find something I like that I never thought I would.

Tip 4: Good music. Good tunes make all the difference in the  performance of a workout. Take your time and create some playlists with your favorite pump-up songs, or search on Pandora or Spotify for stations that might work for you. Music can make a huge difference in mood, number of reps, amount of weight, and even endurance, so definitely take your time to find something you like and gets you motivated and excited.

Tip 5: Scroll through Instagram. This last one is a probably a little controversial because you all know I hate the comparison game, but I feel like in this situation, it works really well for me. Sometimes, when I can’t seem to pull it together, I will actually scroll through Instagram and find my favorite fitness accounts. I will then use them as my motivation. There are always going to be women with bodies you are jealous of and wish you had, so why not flip that jealousy in a good way and use it to fuel your workouts? Sometimes seeing that someone else worked out today and are putting in the effort helps me to put it in perspective and actually get going.

I hope these tips helped and I would love to hear what your best tips are for staying motivated. Please comment below and let me know!





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