Time for a Change…


Hi frands!

Long time, no chat right?!? I mean, honestly, it feels like forever since I’ve hopped on here and talked with you guys. It seems like life just seems to be getting the best of me lately, but that is OKAY. I am back and ready to deliver more than ever!

I had an awesome vacation in Canada (stay tuned for future post) where I was able to totally disconnect and unwind. It was so perfect and couldn’t have been better timing because prior to going on this vacation, I had just made a pretty big life decision that was still a little nerve-racking for me…

Are you ready for it?

I changed jobs.

That’s right.

After being an ICU nurse for nearly four years, I decided to leave bedside and enter outpatient world, which, to be honest, was a super hard decision and not one I realized I would ever make.

When I started my nursing career I thought I would be an ICU nurse until I retired. I honestly thought that I would just work in different ICU’s and become the best ICU nurse ever, but I guess that was not what was intended for me because after a lot of thinking and discussion with my support team, I decided it was time for me to leave.

There were a lot of factors that led to this decision and I honestly tried everything before even beginning to look for a new position, but after interviewing with various departments, I realized that I was being called in a different direction.

At first, I was so nervous because it wasn’t what I had planned. It wasn’t what I thought my nursing career was going to be and it just felt so weird to go against my original life track and really caused me a lot of stress. But, when everything just falls into place, I have always believed it is God’s way of lighting my path.

My new position will still be cardiac focused (#cardiacobsessed) and will actually involve pacers, which if you don’t know what those are, I will link to some simple definitions here. It will also be a 9-5, Monday though Friday which I personally have never done, so wish me luck haha!

I haven’t quite started yet, but I am so excited and beyond thankful for this opportunity. I think it is going to be exactly what I need and I am already dying to get started.

Thank you so much for your support and allowing me to share this exciting news with you all. It is a big change for me and I will definitely be delving in deeper on when it’s time to pivot in a future blog post because although this was my first career change, I know it definitely won’t be my last and I would love to share with all how I made my decision.

In other news, I want to let you all know that I will be beginning to share content FIVE days a week. I am posting it here because if I have all of you to hold me accountable, it will definitely happen.

With my new career change, the ideas are flowing and having a future routine is going to be a big life change for me that I am welcoming with open arms.

Get ready guys, because I have big plans :)

Happy Sunday babes and comment below if you any questions!




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