#NSale: What I Bought

Alright guys. To be honest, I didn’t think I would get this post up with all of life’s craziness, but I think it is important because this sale is one of my absolute faves and I feel like any #TCDgirl is always down for a good sale. Amiright?!?

So I know that public access started a few days ago and things are definitely selling out quickly, but so many of you were interested in my picks from my insta stories, I figured I would just write up an entire blog post where you could see everything I picked up and shop to your heart’s desire.

Before you start shopping though, be sure to check out my first post on the sale here, where I cover all of non-negotiables and common questions behind the sale.

The Chic Delight-July 18th-0002.jpg

I think this looks is one of my faves. I am obsessed with this jacket you guys. It was a splurge, but totally worth it!

View More: http://deeanakourtneyphotography.pass.us/the-chic-delight

This shirt is a bit oversized, so you can size down. I got it in my normal size though so I could wear it off the shoulder.

The Chic Delight-July 18th-0141.jpg

I love the color of this sweater! So perfect for fall!

The Chic Delight-July 18th-0222.jpg

The Chic Delight-July 18th-0299.jpg

This dress is my all time fave! I sized down two sizes. I love the snug fit of it!

The Chic Delight-July 18th-0379.jpg

You can’t see the pullover on, but I have worn it probably five times since I bought it and have gotten a TON of compliments on it. Plus, it is Alo and I love that brand!


View More: http://deeanakourtneyphotography.pass.us/the-chic-delight

Well! There, you have it. All (almost ;)) of my picks from the #nsale! Most of these are still in stock to shop too, so have fun and feel free to comment below with any questions or sizing. Happy Monday babes!




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