New Direction

The Chic Delight-May 23rd-0209Hi my loves! It is so good to see you on The Chic Delight today. One thing I wanted to talk to you about is where I am now going with this blog and how I feel this is only going to provide as a better opportunity to help you!

Initially, when I began this space and my social media, I wanted to be a fashion blogger. I wanted to have clothes sent to me for free and I wanted to take pictures of myself in clothes and I was going to make millions and it was all going to be great.

That was over a year ago.

I had heard that a friend of a friend was a fashion blogger and made a couple million a year and I was like, “I can do that. That can’t be that hard!” Well, let’s fast forward to today….

Blogging IS HARD. Who ever made it out to the general public that blogging is easy was cruel haha. I mean all it is is putting on cute outfits, talking about your life, and writing a couple of blurbs here and there right??


100% wrong.

There is so much more to blogging and to social media and to everything surrounded with influencers and marketing and branding. So, so, SO much more.

However, this isn’t a story about my 1 year blogging journey (new post, anyone?), this is a story about how I realized that blogging isn’t just about getting free things. Blogging has made me realize something huge and that is why it is time to get very clear with you. You deserve to know what I know, because we are in this together and that is what it is all about. YOU and ME.

So. Here is how it all changed:

Initially, yes. I wanted free things and money. I’ll be honest with you. I moved to Charlotte, cut my salary in half, and wanted to find a way to make more money to better provide for my husband and I because I felt like what I was contributing just wasn’t enough. Have you ever felt that?

I thought that because I couldn’t provide money I didn’t deserve to be valued.

Now, that my friends, was the first problem.

I needed to change my thinking, and quickly.

Well, don’t worry. The reality of how difficult blogging and influencing can be, made me realize fairly quickly that I wasn’t going to be making money any time soon. Yet, here I was. Still blogging and showing up.

Friends were sending me messages telling me how much I was helping them and how much they felt they could relate to me and slowly but surely, I realized it – My blog wasn’t about me anymore. It was about ALL OF YOU.

It was about hoping I could make a little bit more of a difference than in just those 6 patients a week. I realized that I loved helping people and blogging provided me the opportunity to help so many more.

So, after sitting down with a friend recently who specializes in branding and content creation (yes Emily, you are now stuck with me!), I began changing what The Chic Delight was all about.

What started out as a fashion blog, turned into a lifestyle blog, which turned into something even more than that – a place for all of us to come to realize we are not alone.

We are not alone in our day to day struggles as women. We don’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to constantly feel pulled in a 1,000 directions. We don’t need to feel inadequate. We don’t need to put SO MUCH PRESSURE ON OURSELVES as women.

We just need to want to do better and put our best selves forward each day.

Even if that means that we didn’t brush our hair or make dinner last night, we are showing up.

That is all there is to it. Show up.

And here at The Chic Delight, I will help to provide you with ways that will help you to stop feel like you are drowning, and start feeling like you can breathe again. You are valued, you don’t have to be perfect, and you are enough.

Together, we will balance our way through life and recognize that we all have the similar struggles, we all have the similar wants, and ultimately, we are all in this together.

This doesn’t mean I won’t post on fashion anymore or fitness or books or relationships. In fact, I will continue to post on all of those things because those are all factors that MAKE UP OUR LIVES.



Work-Life Balance


Fashion (because let’s be real, I am a shopaholic)

All of these things are areas that we want to grow and cultivate, and together we will. Together we will grow, develop, love ourselves, and find how much value and love we really have to give.

So. Here is my promise to you.

I promise to provide you honesty. I promise to provide you consistency. And I promise to you, that we will make this more than just about us. We will make it about our sisters, our friends, our coworkers, our mothers and every other woman we come in contact with because we all deserve happiness and balance and that is EXACTLY what The Chic Delight is all about.




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