Summer Essentials: My Top 5 Cravings for Summer

Hi Guys,

Man…it has been a while. I just truly can’t believe it has been over a month since I have posted something to the blog. Life truly got the best of me (in the best way possible). Let’s see…what all happened while I was away…okay, well I went to two weddings, celebrated my first year of marriage with my bae, spent a lovely week showing my parents around my city, and essentially worked four weeks of three shifts in a row (yuck!). But, I think life is finally calming down a bit…hopefully…or perhaps I have just found a better method to the madness…who knows!

Anyways, I thought I would dive right into my summer essentials because it is something I have had on my mind with everything calming down.

For those of you that may not know, I am a SHOPAHOLIC. There. I said it. I used to be a SHOPAHOLIC with the ability to buy whatever I wanted, but now that I have settled into married life and adulthood in general, I am a SHOPAHOLIC on a BUDGET. Which means I still get to shop whenever I want to, but I have gotten smarter in what I spend my money on. As a result, when a new season comes around I create a wish list. This helps me stay focused when I am out and about (impulsive shopper anyone?) and keep to my budget so I don’t end up with a whole bunch of stuff I only wear once. So, with Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, I have created a post with all the things I have my eye on.

Typically I create this list by remembering what I wanted last year and wasn’t able to get, performing my typical seasonal closet purge (nothing gives me more joy than an organized closet to see what I actually have and what I need), and looking at some of the trends for the upcoming season.

Alright, lets get down!

1. First up –> a good pair of white jeans. This past fall I splurged on a pair of delicious Paige jeans that I still wear at least once a week and I would love to do the same for my summer jeans. Last year I purchased a cheaper white jean, but I was just never quite happy with it, so instead of going the cheaper route, I am going to invest in a nice pair I can wear all year round and save until next year. One thing I have learned through my shopping experience is that when it comes to jeans, buy the pair you love! I haven’t decided which ones I would like to purchase, but below are some I have been eyeing.

2. Next is the Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop. While these are pricey, I have had these sandals on my mind for YEARS. And guys,  this is the year. I still have not purchased these myself, but I plan on buying them next month. I cannot wait. To me, these are drool worthy!

3. Next, while I was doing my closet purge a few weeks ago one thing I really noticed that I was lacking in were some easy breezy Summer tops. I have a lot of sweaters, but not many cooler tops that would be easy to wear and versatile for lots of situations. For these, I don’t plan on investing too much, but knowing that summer tops is something I need, I will stay more focused when I am shopping. Here are some I am loving…

4. Next on my list? Workout tops. In addition, to regular tops, I noticed that I just didn’t have a lot of workout tops I loved to wear. I sort of seem to be grabbing for the same thing every time and when you workout 4-5 times a week like I (normally) do. You definitely need some good options that hold up well and make you feel good while working out! Here are a few from my favorite workout brands that I think would be perfect!

5. Lastly, I have really been trying to wear less makeup and embrace my skin more. Because of that, I have been on the hunt for some great skincare products that will help smooth out fine lines, even my skin tone, and accent my freckles (haha). Here are a few of the ones on my wishlist right now!

Well, there you have it! My summer cravings! I hope you enjoy and please comment below with any questions or suggestions. I love hearing from you guys!




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