10 Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Man

With this being John and I’s NINTH Valentine’s Day together, I thought I would share some tried and true ideas with you that would make any guy swoon. Plus, with only a couple of days until V Day, I thought you might need some quick and easy options!

1.  A year’s worth of love – here is an idea that will make your man feel love all year round. With this option, all you need is a jar or box, post its and a pen. Using the post its, write 52 gifts or sentiments. This can be as simple as, I’ll do your chores for the week, choose a restaurant, I’ll pay, invite your friends over for a beer…the ideas don’t have to be complicated or extravagant, just things you think your man would like. Then, you have him pick a day of the week, and then each week on that day he picks something out of his jar or box. If you really want to get creative, throw in his favorite candy too so each time he fishes for his weekly surprise, he can get a sweet treat!

2. A progressive dinner – Now, I know what you are thinking…Valentine’s Day is typically for the girl, but I think a progressive dinner is an easy and low key treat for your guy. It doesn’t need to be on Valentine’s Day (maybe he can pick a day out of the month) and you guys go on a progressive dinner. What is a progressive dinner you ask? You simply go to a different restaurant for each course of your meal. For example, you start somewhere for drinks and appetizers, head somewhere else for the main course, then finish it up at someplace sweet for dessert! Easy, simple, and we all know a good way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

3. Speaking of stomach…this one comes from my sister Krista and serves all those beer loving boys out there – This option does require an extra fridge or cooler, but essentially you fill it with all of your man’s favorite beer or alcoholic drinks. I am pretty sure if you do this, they WILL love you forever. Invite over some of their friends and you will be guarenteed to be everyone’s favorite girl!

4. Favorite Dessert – I think one thing to remember about Valentine’s Day is that you don’t need to go all out for your guy. They are simple beings and I think most of them just want to spend the day with the one they love. If you feel like your man doesn’t need much, I think baking their favorite dessert is the easiest and simplest way to show you love them. Plus, it gives you a sweet dessert to share when the night is over. 

5. A nice gift – One year I bought John a really nice work shirt. It was a little more than what he would spend on himself, but he still wears it and loves it. I think sometimes a simple gift – shirt, workout outfit, watch – you can go as simple or as extravagant as you would like

6. Push the limits – here is an option that may require a little sacrifice but John has a lot of activities he loves doing that aren’t necessarily my jam. For example, he loves golfing. I am personally not very coordinated and am also left-handed making golfing seem a little bit of a stretch for me. But, one year I got him and I golf passes to one of his favorite locations. We went and had a blast. He laughed at me, but it was so fun to watch him doing something he loves. Take a moment and think about something your man does that just sounds so boring or horrible and give him the gift of doing that with you! I think this not only helps you bond, but you also may also find an activity you love to do together.

7. Cook dinner together – not one to deal with all of the Valentine’s Day crowds? That’s okay. This option is great because it not only guarantees a yummy meal, but you also really get to bond together. John and I did this and we both dressed up like we were going out, I lit candles, turned on some relaxing music and we just sat and talked about life over a bottle of champagne. Perfection!

8. 52 Reasons why I love you – Now you may have seen this one on Pinterest, but I think it is such a cute an easy idea. Take an old deck of cards and write on each one a reason why you love them. I made these for John one year and he still has them and loves them. 

9. A year’s worth of dates – Now this option may take a little more time, but I think it is definitely something your man will appreciate. So often, dates rely on the guy. He needs to plan them and pay…I mean us girls only deserve it….BUT here you think of the dates and YOU PAY. They can be as simple as a hike, or even a weekend away. Get creative. Then place each date in an envelope and at the beginning of each month have your man open it. Choose a date that month that will work for you both and look forward to a day each month for the two of you!

10. A gift for each Valentine’s you have spent together – With this idea, you buy your man a little something for each year you have spent together. For example, this will be John and I’s ninth Valentine’s Day together, so I would get him 9 little gifts that he could open throughout the day. I also love the idea of taking a picture from each Valentine’s Day spent together or your favorite picture from each year and placing it on each gift. It is so fun to reminisce about that kind of stuff to me. 

I hope these ideas help you guys! I think it is always fun to do a little something for the man too. Valentine’s Day to me, is about celebrating your love and rekindling that romance that day to day life can so easily take away, so remember that they want to feel reminded of that love to. I hope you all have a beautiful Valentine’s Day with your significant others and don’t forget to tag me if you use any of the ideas! I would love to see what you are up to. 



P.S. For you enjoyment, I have included some photos of John and I throughout the years ;) 


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