Holiday Gift Guide: Mom Style

I decided to make my first Gift Guide of 2017 one that celebrates a very important person in my life and probably one of the most important people in most people’s lives –> their mommas. Between my three sisters and I, we always try to spoil our momma as much as we can on Christmas because of all of the wonderful things she does for us throughout the year. Personally, I think moms should be celebrated way more than they are, but thats a conversation for another post haha. With that, us girls always try and think of unique things to get/do for my mom, so tonight I decided I would share some great ideas that are not only affordable, but will also bring that momma in your life pure joy for the holidays.

1.  A Spa Day – Between working, cooking, cleaning, caring for kids, and keeping it all together, one thing all moms could enjoy is a nice spa day. Whether it just be a gift card to the spa, or a splurge on an entire day, it will definitely be one she will not forget. Us girls like to make a day of it and all go together, so we can get some much needed mother-daughter bonding.

2. Family photo collage – One year one of my sisters had a great idea to purchase a whole bunch of picture frames and print off pictures of the family to place in the frame. She then wrapped them all separately and gave them to my mom on Christmas. My mom not only had a ton of presents to open , but tears were definitely involved. She loved it, because one thing mom’s don’t tend to have time for is printing and savoring family pictures. This is a great option for those of you who might be on a budget because you can tend to find frames on sale for pretty cheap.

3. Gift Basket – I love this option because it is so fun to pick up a whole bunch of goodies I think my mom would like. I typically add a pretty bottle of bubble bath, a good book, some jewelry, maybe a scarf…the options are endless. You can even mix up the basket too by using a mixing bowl or pretty decorative bowl for the home instead of a normal basket. Be careful though, this idea can definitely add up. Sometimes we split this one up by all of us picking up a couple things within our budget and then putting it all together.

4. Cozy Morning – I feel like one gift us kids always get each year is matching PJs, we can wear on Christmas morning. This gift is essentially Christmas PJs for momma. You can make it as extensive or simple as you’d like. I’m thinking slippers, a cozy robe, and a pretty PJ set.

5. Family Calendar – This is another more inexpensive option. Essentially you just gather family and friend photos and create a calendar with them. I then fill it out by adding in all of the important dates and events. This one does take some time, but it so worth it. Plus, this gift continues to give all year round.

6. Workout Outfit – In my family, our standard wardrobe is typically a good workout outfit, but one thing my mom doesn’t tend to splurge on is good workout clothes. Whether it be a nice pair of running shoes or a couple of workout tops, your mom will love you when she can cruz around town looking great and feeling comfortable.

7. Decorating a room – Another thing my mom tends to put off is buying new decorations for her home. I think she is honestly just so busy that she doesn’t have time to do this. So one year all of my sisters and I decided to redo her entire dining room table. We set up the entire center with a beautiful center piece, got her new chargers, napkins, napkin rings, water goblets, etc. It was so fun for us, and she loved the transformation. This may not work for all mommas, but it is definitely a fun idea.

Well, I hope this helps for you all! I would love to hear in the comments some of your guys’ ideas that have worked in the past, or ideas that you are thinking of doing for a momma this year. They definitely make the world go round, so don’t forget them!




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