Monday Motivation

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Happy Monday All!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and got to enjoy some of our amazing fall weather. My weekend was a little short because I had to work Saturday, but Sunday definitely made up for it. It was in the 60s all day and John and I started the day by going for a beautiful morning walk and then meeting up with some friends for breakfast. I then stocked up on some goodies from Homegoods and got my nails done. The rest of the day was spent meal prepping, doing stuff around the apartment, and getting a nice workout in.

Today, I thought I would share with you John and I’s meal and workout plan for the week. Hopefully you all enjoyed last week’s fitness post and got to try a couple of the workouts!

Let’s start with meals:

Monday – steak, salad, and baked sweet potato –> we just picked up a steak from Trader Joes and are going to grill out, but you could also bake it if grilling isn’t an option.

Tuesday – spaghetti squash and meatballs (this one is one of my favorites and SUPER easy) –> take one spaghetti squash and cut it vertically. Clean out the seeds, then flip it upside down in the crockpot (skin side facing up). I then pour in frozen turkey meatballs from Trader Joes (any frozen meatballs would do) and a can of my favorite marinara sauce. Turn on low heat while at work, and then when I get home, I just fork apart the spaghetti squash to make the spaghetti, mix it all up and serve! Super easy, super inexpensive, an super yummy.

Wednesday – chicken kabobs –> I cut up chicken breasts into bite sized pieces in the morning and let marinate in my favorite sauce during the day. Then, when I get home, I assemble them on skewers with bell peppers and pineapple chunks. We then just place them on the grill until fully cooked. I think this one is on of John’s favorites out of our go-tos.

Thursday – we plan doing our own thing this day because I am meeting a girlfriend for dinner 😉

Friday – taco salads –> another easy and affordable option. I brown ground beef on the stove (you can add taco seasoning if you like, but I prefer to avoid the extra salt), then while that’s cooking, I gather and prep my favorite toppings like lettuce, olives, tomatoes, avocados, cheese, salsa, etc. This can then be served over lettuce to enjoy as a taco salad or as just plan tacos. Sometimes, we will even make them as tostadas by baking brown rice tortillas in the oven until crispy and chip-like. Just make sure to lightly drizzle in olive oil before hand!

Workouts are also fairly simple this week!

Monday – run –> I’ve been trying to build up my mile speed and have truly enjoyed running while listening to podcasts. For whatever reason, this seems to be my most inspirational time…the ideas just flow!

Tuesday – gym day –> three circuits, three rounds each. Circuit 1)15 jump squats, 20 commandos, and 60 mountain climbers. Circuit 2) 15 downward pushups, 30 weighted curtsy lunges, and 20 toe touches. Circuit 3) 1 min plank hold, 1 min weighted wall squat, 15 burpees.

Wednesday – I am off this day, so I will probably try taking a class. I love trying different places. It always keeps my body guessing and I have gotten to meet some really great people.

Thursday – Hill repeats. This is one of my favorite workouts. It brings me back to my cross country days in high school and I just love it! For this one, I do about a 5-10 min warm-up by running to the hill I want to use. Any hill will do (I typically look for streets), but it should be at least 150 meters. Once there, I do some dynamic warm-ups to open up my hips and prevent injury. For the actual hill repeats, I will probably complete anywhere from 6-10 repeats, depending upon the length of the hill. You can then make this really fun by adding in various workouts up the hill, as well. For example, squat jumps, lunges, bear crawls, backwards running…all great options!

Friday – HIIT workout – 24 min alternating 1 min jump rope with 1 min burpees

Saturday – probably something light, like a run or walk in the neighborhood because we will be going out of town.

Sunday – rest day

Hope you all enjoy, and comment below if you compete or try anything!




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