14 Day Detox

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Happy Labor Day friends!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and got to enjoy great times with friends and family. John and I had the absolute best time! We went to a Patrick Davis concert on Friday – he is an amazing country singer, but mainly writes music for artists like Darius Rucker (I highly recommend you look him up though). Then hosted our first-ever get together as husband and wife by having a tailgate party before the USC vs NC State game at the Panther Stadium. John is from Columbia, South Carolina, so you know who we rooted for! Go Cocks! haha. We then spent Sunday cruising to different breweries in South End with friends. You know it was a good weekend when you wake up without a voice!

As much fun as it all was, we definitely woke up this morning feeling like it was time to clear our systems and get back to eating clean and sticking to our fitness regiments. Ever since we got married (that was April people!) we just haven’t been able to find a good balance between socializing and eating healthy. It seems like everyone wants to always grab a drink or go out to dinner, which we love to do, but can definitely take a toll on our bodies. With that in mind though, we decided to try out a two week detox to hopefully jump start our systems and get back to basics.

The Goal: no alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy, processed foods, caffeine…just to name a few haha. This is our first time doing it together, which should be fun because this time I will have a support buddy and vice versa which is important when those cravings and moodiness kick in haha. Through eliminating these different areas we are hoping to reduce inflammation in our bodies, detoxify from all the crap we have been consuming for the past 6 months, and ultimately feel our best. The program does result in weight loss, which is neither of our actual goals, but it doesn’t hurt!

The Plan: drink 1-2 protein shakes a day along with a healthy amount of protein, carbs, fat, and green veggies. Typically when I do this, I only do one protein shake a day when I’m working due to the fact that I have a very fast metabolism and need some extra staying power at the hospital. This is one thing I definitely love about this program though, is that you can alter it to fit your needs and make it work for you and your lifestyle. The ultimate goal is that you are able to eat this way indefinitely, instead of just through the 14 days, but what is great about these fourteen days, is that it allows you to kick all of those nasty cravings and allow yourself to actually crave what your body needs.

We will see how it goes, and wish us luck! Here is a peak at our meal plan for the week –>

M – chicken and rice with a side salad (simple I know)

T – turkey chili over sweet potato fries

W – Pesto Chicken pasta

Th – Cauliflower pizza

F – Turkey burgers (no bun!)

Sat – similar to monday, but with wild caught fish

Sun – Roasted Chicken with veggies

This is obviously a very simple overview of the 14 day detox we are performing, but please comment below if you would like additional details or have any questions!

Here is a week worth of workout plans!

M – 30 min walk/run with a friend (don’t forget to grab coffee afterwards!)

T – HIIT training, 20 min: alternating 1 min burpees and 1 min mountain climbers (get ready to die!)

W – find a local workout class and introduce yourself to someone you have never met before!

Th – Sprint day: warm up 5 min light jog, then complete 6×200 meters @ 70%; followed by max out plank and 5 min cool down

F – Arm Day: warm up 15 min cardio (your choice); then complete each circuit THREE times. Circuit One – 20 pushups, 20 commandos, 20 tricep dips; Circuit Two – 20 burpees, 20 squat press, 20 medicine ball pushups (10 per side). Complete workout with 2 min of ab work

Sat – Stadiums: Find your closest track or set of stairs (for example, my apartment has 11 floors, so I will be using those, so if you are able to find comparable); complete 6 rounds with run up, jog down followed by a 200 meter fast jog (about 65% of your speed). Don’t forget to cool down!

Sun – Rest day! Feel free to move your rest day to any day in the week, I know all our lives can be SO different! But remember, you only get one!

Good luck guys!




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    Love this! Great post!

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