HIIT This!

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Good morning babes!

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying your Thursday (don’t worry, its almost the weekend!). I did a recent post on Instagram asking what everyone would like to see more of and general consensus came back with more fitness and health related posts! SOOO with out further delay….today’s post.

I thought today I would talk about one of my favorite ways to break a sweat –> HIIT training. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is essentially a form of exercise that alternates high intensity exercises with low intensity exercises while maintaining an anaerobic state. Essentially, you exercise for only 20-30 minutes, but at a very high intensity. This high intensity has been shown to improve strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. It has also helped me, specifically, see the best results with my training. I alternate between this style of workout and cardio (running, cycling, hiking, fitness classes) by performing an average of three HIIT sessions a week and an average of three cardio sessions a week. This helps me to gain strength (i.e. muscle with the HIIT), but also build lean muscle I am looking for (i.e. so I don’t bulk with the cardio).

With that, I thought I would create some easy do-anywhere HIIT style workouts. Feel free to make up your own, but remember that if you can breathe, you either need to switch it up with a different move or be moving at a faster pace. The goal is to be dying :)

Workout 1: 15 min

– alternate between 1 min burpees (you can incorporate the push-up if you feel comfortable) and 1 min jumping rope for a total of 15 min. No rests in between (I just set a 15 min timer and alternate at the 1 min mark)

Workout 2: 20 min

– Alternate between these four moves for one minute each, for a total of 5 rounds: high knees, walking lunges, burpees, and plank

Workout 3: 30 min

– Circuit 1: box jumps (you don’t need a box for these, any bench will do) and commandos

– Circuit 2: jump rope (if you don’t have a jump rope, don’t worry! You can still perform the move, without it) and jump squats

– Circuit 3: Scissor kicks and snap jumps

– Perform each circuit by alternating each move for one min for a total of 10 mins

Hope you enjoy loves and comment below with your HIIT questions!




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