Monday Motivation – Easy Gym Workout

Happy Monday (I mean Tuesday) everyone! Sorry I have been MIA lately. I have been traveling and working for the past two weeks with not much time for anything else. I thought I would have internet in Canada, but no such luck. To be honest, it was glorious to have that time to disconnect. In today’s age, internet and social media basically run our lives, so to be forced to shut down and disconnect for once in my life was a true blessing. My sister and her husband go to this location every year and actually stay for up to three weeks just to purely disconnect. They say that it has been a God-send for them and is exactly what they need before the start of a new school year.

I wanted to write today’s post on an easy gym workout. Sometimes it is so easy to go to the gym and literally stand there with no clue what to do. It is crazy how an hour can and you might not have even gotten a workout in because you are just meandering from machine to machine without going in with a purpose. That is the key people, having a purpose. It is so important to have an idea on what you want to do at the gym before you even get there so that when you arrive you can focus and truly get in the workout you deserve. So today I have an easy gym workout that can be modified in any which way so that when you hit the gym this week, you won’t have to even think about to do. You can just go and do.

Warm up:

20 min cardio (elliptical, treadmill, bike, whatever you prefer)


Circuit 1 – Weighted curtsy lunge (15 each side), Lat pull downs (15), push-up (15 – modify by performing on knees), backwards and forwards duck walk (45 seconds) –> complete 3 rounds

Circuit 2 – Weighted step ups (15 per side), squat press (15), commandos (12 per side), ball pass crunch (15 – lay down on floor with arms extended, place weighted ball in between feet, lift legs straight up, straight arms come up to meet ball in crunch form, pass ball to hands; repeat by passing ball from hands back to feet = 1 rep) –> complete 3 rounds

Complete with max out plank and 5 min stretching

Let me know if you complete this workout in the comments below and if you have any questions on the moves. I would also love to hear if this was helpful and if you would like more posts like these!




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