Monday Motivation

Happy Monday loves!

Today I wanted to share with you what Mondays at The Chic Delight will be all about, so lets dive right in!

Growing up I was not the most athletic. My arms and legs grew much faster than the rest of my body making me extremely awkward and uncoordinated (I am currently 5’10”). As I got older I just learned to accept the fact that I never would be as graceful or coordinated as some of my friends, and I truly just hoped to just get through my middle school and high school years doing the bare minimum –> P.E. However, as any baby in the family knows, your older siblings always seem to have an opinion in regards to your life choices and what they think you should (“should” is being kind) do. So, I was told I ABSOLUTELY could not do P.E, (it would be social suicide) and had to pick a sport to do for at least two years. After that I would be free of my physical education requirements and be able to go on my merry way. Well, since I couldn’t coordinate my body to kick and/or throw a ball, I chose running. I ran Cross Country and Track and Field for all four years in high school and then continued my Track and Field career at the collegiate level. Proving, once again, your siblings are always right ;) I did truly love it and have continued a love for fitness, even after college. Currently, I am in Week 10 of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides. I have completed a max of 38 weeks, but am hoping to complete a full year this go-round. In addition to this program, I love switching up my fitness routines with classes around Charlotte or just making up a workout with my husband. I try and stay active at least 5-6 days a week, and as I have grown older have grown to truly love getting a good sweat in.

This is where you come in! Through this platform I would love to share my 13 years of fitness knowledge with all of you, plus a splash of some great health and wellness tips (I AM a Cardiac ICU nurse for crying out loud) every Monday. If there is more you would like to see that I am not sharing, or have suggestions, please comment below. I am so excited to be on this journey with you all, so as the hubs would say “Hold on to your butts!!” because we are about to embark on one amazing ride.


-5 min jog warm-up

-10, 300 meter sprints while alternating 20 squats, 20 push-ups, 20 bicycles, 30 sec plank, and 20 curtsy lunges between each one (idea is to bring the heart rate down in between sprints while maintaining aerobic activity).

Cool Down: 10 min stretch and/or 2 300 meter walk-outs


P.S. Entire outfit is from Lululemon. One of my many favorite places for workout attire.





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