Do Anywhere Workout:

Here is a full body Do Anywhere 30 minute workout that I love!

Start with a 5 minute warm up – running, jump rope, jumping jacks, etc

First up is a tabata to really get the heart pumping – (4 minutes)

Complete 8 rounds: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of mountain climbers

1 minute rest (5 minutes)

Circuit 1 -->You will alternate 45 second skiers with 45 second push ups (modify by using your knees for pushups)  - Complete 4 rounds of each

Rest for 45 seconds (~11 min)

Circuit 2 --> Alternate 45 seconds plank with 45 second squat press

Complete 4 rounds

45 second rest (~17 min)

Circuit 3 --> Alternate 45 seconds lunges with 45 second burpees

Complete 4 rounds

45 second rest (~23 min)

Circuit 4 --> Alternate 45 second jumping jacks with 45 second commandos

Complete 4 rounds

45 second rest (~29 min)

DONE!! Be sure to cool down and stretch those muscles!

Don’t forget to tag me if you complete this workout  @thechicdelight!!!


Easy At Home Workout:

Here is an easy workout to do at home, with equipment in your house. Think of this as an option for while the babies are sleeping, you got home late from work and just want to sweat, or your just needing a little something extra!

3 min warm up: 1 min high knees, 1 min jumping jacks, 1 min air squats

Workout: 4 rounds of 5 min intervals (complete number of reps for each exercise and continue cycling through interval until you reach 5 minutes)

Interval 1: 20 tricep dips (couch or chair works just fine), 15 jump squats, and 30 straight leg sit ups, 20 plank with shoulder taps (10 per side)

Interval 2: 20 skiers (10 per leg), 16 commandos (8 per side), 10 burpees, 20 mountain climbers

Interval 3: 45 second plank, 16 jump lunges (8 per side), 30 russian twists (15 per side), 15 pushups

Interval 4: 45 second wall sit, 15 crab dips, 20 v-ups, 20 curtsy lunges

Cool Down and Thank me Later!

Don't forget to tag me @thechicdelight if you complete it! I love to see those #sweatyselfies haha

Hill Workout:

Ever since high school, hill repeats have been one of my favorite workouts because they are fast, killer, and tone the bootie! All you need for this workout is a hill. You could go to a park, run on the street, or go to a nearby hike you like. The longer the hill, the longer the burn, the steeper the hill, the harder the burn haha.

Workout: Warm - up with 5 minutes of cardio

Perform 5-10 hill repeats (shorter hill, higher number of repeats), with walk or jog back to start.

I sometimes make this workout a little more fun by adding length to the hill repeat. Essentially I will add 100 meters or 200 if I am feeling aggressive BEFORE you hit the hill. If you decided to do this, I would only perform 5-6 max of these.

Don't forget a cool down of light jogging and static stretching, then make sure to tag me in your workouts!

Keepin' it basic

This one is super simple and easy to get a good sweat on. John and I did it this past Saturday (5/26/18). All you need is...NOTHING! haha

3 mile run at base pace then find some nice lush grass and plop yourself down for some ab work, ready?

10 Circuits:

1. 40 ab bikes

2. 40 mountain climbers

3. 20 V-Crunches

4. 45 second plank

5. 20 total plank side taps

6. 20 toe taps

7. 20 straight leg sit ups

8. 20 regular crunches

9. 20 side crunches per side

10. 20 opposite leg, opposite arm toe taps

That's it! Get ready to feel them abs burn!


Street Workout #1:

Here is a fun workout for when you want to do something quick and outside. Plus all you need is a quiet street!

Warm Up: 5 min

You will do 8 rounds of running between each block of the street you have chosen. For example, run to one end of block, perform exercise, run the opposite end, perform exercise. There and back equals one round

60-80% sprint

Exercise 1) 20 squats 2) 20 pushups 3) 50 russian twists 4) 40 mountain climbers 5) 30 standing lunges 6) 30 plank side taps 7) 20 pushups or tricep dips 8) 20 curtsy lungs --> REPEAT

Cool Down: 5 min


Tag me if you complete it!! @thechicdelight

Sprint Intervals:

One of my favorite workouts to do is sprint intervals. For this workout all you need is yourself, about 200 meter stretch and some good jams!

Warm -up for 5 minutes with either a light jog, active plyos, or jump roping

Workout: 6-12 200s (depending on you activity level and how you are feeling) at 70- 80% (this is 70- 80% of your sprint level, so 100% would be your fastest all out sprint - yes you are going to be huffing and puffing haha). In between each one, your recovery will alternate between 25 squats, 30 Russian twists, 15 pushups, 15 tricep dips (think crab walk position, then dip at the elbow), 20 jump lunges, 20 straight leg sit-ups. Then repeat these exercises as you continue on.

This workout should take between 15-25 minutes depending on number of exercises...and your speed haha.

Recovery - 5 min light jog, stretch. Make sure to tag me if you try it out!